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Your SFI Gateways

Further to our discussion on starting a home business with SFI:
1) When you enrolled as an SFI affiliate, you were sent a welcome email that had a validation url within it. You should have clicked the validation link to activate your site.
Just to be sure that your sites are active, first check the Sfimg.com website. If you have completed the SFI no-spam agreement, your gateways should be available. On your "My Account" page, click on View/Edit Gateway. You should be shown a list of the SFI gateways that are recommended for promotion to the public. You will be able to click on each one to see what is there.
A very common mistake is to try to enter the address (url) in a search box. That will not ordinarily find your page! where is Just enter the url in the Address (or Location) box of your browser to go to your SFI gateway directly.
The hardest part of any journey is getting started

2) Don't forget to take care of the SFI No-Spam agreement. No commissions can be paid to you and your Gateways cannot be activated until SFI receive this agreement from you. To do this, log in at the Sfimg.com website. If you haven't yet submitted the agreement, under your name at the top you will see some text in red, including a link to submit your No-Spam Agreement.
3) I strongly recommend you never submit your email address to anyone else on the Net. It's very easy to stop incoming mail from SFI or Sfinco.net - if you ever want to conclude our collaboration, you should advise me and you will never receive mail anymore. But if you submit it to minor search engines or FFAs etc. there is NO way to stop spamming and your address will be ruined. banging head - I have many free yahoo addresses for "junk" mail.
4) Go through SmartStart, our online training site for SFI affiliates. SmartStart is located at the "Training" section on the Sfimg.com website.
As you read through SmartStart, write down any questions that come up. They should all be answered by the time you finish SmartStart. If you still have questions, please re-read SmartStart. This makes sure that you have not missed something. If you still have questions, we recommend the Glossary site at the Sfimg.com menu - Click on "Reference", then on "Glossary".
5) In the event you have already activated your Gateways but would not like to promote them with your real name, you may do that by clicking on "View/Edit Gateway", then on "EDIT Gateway Contact Info". For example, if your name is John Doe you may change it to "Doe Marketing" or "JoDo Solutions" etc. etc. If you don't want your real name to show as "Sponsor" (or "SFI TL" later on), you can ALSO change your name on your Account Information.
Click on "My Account", then on "Change Account Info" just over "YOUR UPLINE TEAM" and your "ACCOUNT INFORMATION" page will open. Change your name to whatever you want but KEEP YOUR REAL ADDRESS. Your downline will never have access to your address! And that's where you will be receiving SFI checks in the future. So make sure SFI has the CORRECT address on file, INCLUDING the COUNTRY, even for those living in the USA.
ATTENTION: Make sure your real name is entered for your checks payable. Just over your password, in your Account Information page, you can see a link "Make Checks Payable To:"
If you have any questions on the above, please feel free to contact me before proceeding to the next training site. I was a beginner once too and I realize sometimes the simplest question is always the hardest to ask. wink
If you have absorbed the content of the present page, you can now move on to the first Lessons by Billy Martin, SFI affiliate and PTL.
Visitors (not registered with SFI) may want to work at home and join in here.


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Your SFI Gateways

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