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Working with a tracker

If you've absorbed the basics on keywords, it's now time to enter the WordTracker site. Click on "Take the trial" and the Wordtracker free database page will open. Put your name in the appropriate box (just your first name is fine) and your email address (don't worry, these people will not be spamming you and they don't trade addresses). Make sure you check the little box next to "Keyword report (Top 500 words delivered weekly)" because you will be receiving the monthly Wortracker's newsletter with the most popular keywords. The Pro version provides more keywords, which are accessible in "one shot" and the free version gives you only 30 keywords at a time but you can re-start it again (go back to the link) and make as many free trials as you want until you have all the keywords you need.

OK so you've entered your email address, checked the little box and clicked on "start the trial". The "Welcome to the Wordtracker trial!" page will open. Don't read anything, just scroll down and click on "Click here to start the trial" and the "Step 1" page will open. This is a framed page so you should firstly use the arrows in the middle of the page to scroll up and down the left side of the page. Input your keyword "nutritional supplements" in the box under the blinking words: "Enter your search term below" and UNCHECK "THESAURUS". It's very important to uncheck Thesaurus AFTER you've entered your term because it will collect useless keywords for this first 30-words collection. Click on "proceed" and after a few seconds a first collection of 15 words will appear on the left side of the page. Click on the first one which is "nutritional supplements" and another collection of keywords will appear on the RIGHT side of the page. Don't click on all the keywords on the right side - just click on those ones that show over 50 clicks under the "count" column. On the day that the present page was written there were only two keywords with over 50 clicks: "Nutritional supplements" (702) and "discount nutritional supplements" (61).

Stick to the low click counts!

In fact, you should try collecting as many keywords with click counts of around 50 - 70 as possible for your starting steps! To "hit" high traffic keywords you need to get your feet wet with the low traffic ones, on which you can attain high positions easier.

You will notice that every time you click on a word, the "Keywords in basket" indication at the bottom of the page increases. When you are finished clicking on the words on the right side of the page, click on the second word on the LEFT side, which is "vitamins" and repeat the procedure until you have clicked on all the words you need from the right side. This page's count is over 50 clicks for all the keywords, so you should click all of them, perhaps leaving aside the last one ("t. j. clark vitamin supplements") because it will be useless to you, T.J. Clark being probably a promoter you can't associate with.

Proceed by clicking the next keyword on the LEFT side, which is "nutrition". This keyword will get you 15 new keywords on the RIGHT side. Click them all because they all seem to be relevant and today, they all show over 50 clicks on the "count" column. Your basket will now be full with 30 keywords (or more, until all the 15 keywords on the right page are into the basket). That's it, these are the keywords you are allowed to get with the free version, so now click on "Click here for step 3" and the page with your keywords will open.

The examples below display results with a search on "golf equipment". I didn't want our supplements list to show in cyberspace!

The difficult part...

Here on the right you can see a picture of the WordTracker results as they show on the "Step 3" page. Stop here - DON'T proceed to step 4 because you are not allowed to go back to step 3. If you go to step 4, this will send you the keywords at your mailbox but they will arrive in a form that you CANNOT enter into an excel sheet easily.
wordtracker page 3

I'm personally skipping step 4 completely. I just go back to the initial free trial link and start a new search.

Put your mouse cursor on the left of the first word's red arrow on the list which is the red arrow before the word "discount golf equipment" on the example above and highlight all the words down then copy and paste them into a Word Sheet. On the picture below you can see how this will show on a Word sheet.


OK now you're on your Word sheet: Highlight the words OMITTING the vertical lines, the red arrows and the "delete" column. Meaning you must put your cursor just on the left of the first word. Beware, a small black arrow may appear - avoid it and go as close to the first word as you need until the black arrow disappears, then scroll down keeping your hand on the mouse cursor to highlight ONLY the two columns - the keywords and the click counts. Copy and paste the words into an Excel sheet.

I am not a computer specialist but this is the only way I found to transfer the keywords and counts safely into an operational excel list. This list will help you tons in your future work because you'll be able to sort your keywords by either alphabetical order or by number of clicks, which is what you actually need. Beware, you will not be able to copy and paste the words from your word sheet into your excel sheet unless you make the first column on your excel list larger, like this:


Next, go back to the Wordtracker, start the trial again and continue in the same way starting from the next keyword on the left page AFTER the word "nutrition" and re-start until you're finished collecting all the words on the right side that the words on the left side can generate.

Put them all on your excel list and when you've finished sort them all together by either alphabetical order or by clicks - both lists are needed.

Of course, you don't need to complete your work with the "nutritional supplements, vitamins, antioxidants" keywords. Now that you learned the method, you should create a collection of keywords for your own product category.

Please note that you can make separate searches for words that are included in the WordTracker's results. For example, you can go back to the trial link and make a new search for "vitamins" or any other word of your own imagination.

Also note that the Wordtracker will NOT let you "put in the basket" keywords already collected once. However, when you start a new search it WILL let you save keywords already collected in a previous search. Sorting your excel list by alphabetical order will enable you to get rid of keywords collected more than once. Hence, knowing how to use the excel list is absolutely necessary!

When you're finished collecting all your keywords send me the list in an attachment. I will preferably receive 2 lists, one in alphabetical order and one in number of clicks so that I make sure you know how to use your excel list. That way I know you've done your "homework" and we'll then proceed to the next step which is learning how to work with the Google toolbar. If you are really desperate at this stage and cannot learn how to sort your excel list, send it to me and I'll do it for you. This way you can proceed to the next step but I warn you, you need to learn because you will certainly add or delete more keywords in the process.

As I mentioned in another letter, I will NOT proceed in teaching you the second step if I don't check on your excel list.

Oh, and don't ever think that I need it for my own use. I can create lists in seconds!

On the contrary, when I'm sure you progress with your keyword I will AVOID competing with you! Needless to say that I will never forward your list to another affiliate!!

If however, even though I'm a angel, you'd rather not send me your product keyword collection, please prepare a list with another keyword, for example "car accessories" or whatever, and send it to me. It doesn't need to be all-inclusive - around 80 keywords will be fine. Then we will proceed to the next step, which is learning how to use the Google toolbar.

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