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Affiliate Billy Martin

Billy Martin is an affiliate just like you and me. He has been with SFI for a longer time though, and he has written the training series that we were receiving as a newsletter a few years ago. I learned quite a deal from Billy and liked seeing SFI through a successful affiliate's eyes. In fact these series helped me in achieving my PTL status, late January 2002. Following the new enhancements on the SFI website, I updated Billy's training and input the new links. Note that most SFI urls are now secure and when you click on a link you can have access to the particular page only after you login. Just enter your affiliate ID and password and you will get through all links.
Here's Billy's first letter:
Let me start out by introducing myself. My name is Billy Martin. I am a SFI affiliate and Powerline Team Leader (PTL) with SFI.
Maybe you've been with us for a while, or maybe this is your first day. Either way, the purpose of this multi-part Getting Started course is to help you get your feet wet with SFI, and to understand how advertising and marketing on the Internet works.
Leaders are Readers!

Before we get started learning how to build your business, let's take a moment first to look at WHAT SFI is, and what your objective with SFI should be. SFI is an Internet marketing company, and you are now an affiliate under SFI. You aren't an employee of SFI, but you will receive compensation from them when people purchase products through your SFI website Gateways. The products range from nutritional supplements, environmentally safe cleaning products, telecommunications, Domain Name Registration, Books, tapes and hundreds of other products.
SFI provides you with multiple websites that are pre-configured for your SFI ID so that when you advertise these sites on the Internet, and people sign up or purchase products from your site, you receive the credit. So you basically have ONE simple objective...to refer people to your SFI Website. That's all there is to it. Well, the fun part is figuring out how to get people to your websites, and that's where this course comes in. I'll be giving you lots of ideas on how to advertise and get people to want to visit your website.
Now let's look at where all of this income comes from first... wow
As I said, as an SFI affiliate you'll earn commissions on any purchases made by people YOU have DIRECTLY referred to SFI. This is a nice benefit and this is how most of the affiliate programs on the Internet work.
Where SFI is drastically different however is our Multi-Network Income program. To become multi-income qualified (or EA = Executive Affiliate), you simply need to generate at least 10 SVP (Sales Volume Points) during the month. This can easily be achieved with just one sale to a non-affiliate (retail)! This can even be a sale to yourself for either personal consumption or resale if you wish. If you don't know what all of these terms mean, please use the Glossary (enter the Sfimg.com website with your ID and password and click on "Reference" on the Main Menu, then on "Glossary").
As an Executive Affiliate, your income potential SKYROCKETS! Instead of being able to earn just ONE way, you can now earn in many ways! wowow
For example, you can earn T-Net income AND retail sales income. If you make a sale to a NON-affiliate, it will be considered a retail sale and you will earn a straight 40% (of CV) commission. This commission DOUBLES to 80% if you have at least 10 total SVP for the month, if you are EA, that is. Let's say that you have a neighbor who every month buys a nutritional supplement worth 20 CV (commission volume) and 10 SVP (sales volume points). Because the product has 10 SVP attached to it, you qualify for the larger 80% CV commission (80% of 20 CV = $16). Hence, you would earn $16 every month from this retail sale. Now... once a customer joins the SFI program as an affiliate, the T-Net compensation plan kicks in. Of course, T-Net offers a multitude of ways to earn income, including: Standard Network Commissions (paid up to 12 levels deep)...Business Builder Bonuses (an SFI program that lets you earn up to a $30 bonus for each new, first-time EA you sponsor and up to a $150 bonus for each new Team Leader...In fact, you can earn as much as $420 in total bonuses for each of your personally sponsored affiliates!)... Dynamic Compression Bonuses... and Platinum Leadership Pool Bonuses.
Remain EA each month and you can also start earning LEVERAGED INCOME, which is earning money through other people's efforts. You can only work at home 24 hours in a day. Hence, there's only so much you can earn through your own efforts. A smart business is one that allows you to "leverage" your earnings through what other people are doing in a win/win way. In SFI, that means that you can earn income when your affiliates refer other affiliates to SFI who buy products ...and when your affiliates' affiliates refer other affiliates who buy products ...and so on. By simply referring a few affiliates to SFI you can eventually have hundreds, or even thousands of affiliates, putting money in your pocket around the world and around the clock, whenever they purchase something!
As you can see, these are some POWERFUL money-making features, but you've got to be an executive affiliate to take advantage of them. Now you need to understand SFI's BONUS INCOME programs... The SFI system harnesses the power of synergy and teamwork (T.ogether E.veryone A.chieves M.ore - T.E.A.M.) through our bonus income system: the Business Builder Bonuses, Dynamic Compression, the Powerpoints Pool and Multi-Network Income. Here's how it works for all SFI affiliates.
Visitors (not registered with SFI) may want to join at sfimg.com.



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Welcome to SFI, by Billy Martin

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