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AdWords is not recommended to any of our team, especially people new to PPC advertising. Besides Google competing for the honor of most expensive PPC search engine with Overture - I think Google has won - Google is the most difficult, poorly supported PPC search engine to open and maintain an account with. I have been run around for literally DAYS just because of an obscure, subjective call on the part of support personnel reviewing my ad for not conforming to a particular guideline that is not even posted in print anywhere - the same type of non-conformity seen implemented LIVE by other advertisers in their system. And I have gotten conflicting reasons for disapproval from Google support. All in all, very unprofessional and dissatisfying support causing lots of wasted time and effort beyond the call for new advertisers and old.
Get more info here: http://www.payperclicksearchengines.com/

PPC tests

by Nathan Anderson:
The days of penny-per-click quality targeted traffic are gone, as we all know. There's just too many people wise in the ways of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) search engines these days. So how are we supposed to find the best bang for the buck in a highly competitive PPC marketplace?
The Answer Is Testing!
If you are buying traffic from PPC search engines (or anywhere for that matter), you absolutely must carefully track each and every click! You must keep track of sales and revenue produced compared to the cost of every single click. It's vital to the success of your business.
The tools you'll need to accomplish this task are a decent head on your shoulders and a good traffic tracking software package. For the most complete tracking, I recommend higher-end packages like ClickTracks.
Once you can track your results, you need to start with proven traffic sources and adjust your campaigns as you see the actual results.
I recently performed a test of three different sources of pay-per-click traffic. First, I evaluated and streamlined my Overture PPC campaign for some very specific, highly targeted keywords for my sales site.
Next I set up and managed/tweaked a PPC campaign at Google's AdWords. This is a bit more difficult to grasp than a normal "highest bidder gets the spot" PPC search engine, but I feel like I've gotten a very good grasp on the challenges of AdWords by reading/listening to the Google AdSecrets program offered by John Gorecki - I highly recommend it.
For a third source - and sort of as a control for the test - I signed up for pay-per-click traffic from MarketingBlaster.com. This isn't a PPC search engine, it's a network of targeted Directories and sites focused on specific topics. I signed up for their 10 cents per click package. The difference between the two is in how targeted the visitors are, and how much traffic you can achieve with each type.
The Results:
First, for the Overture traffic, my average cost per click was 88 cents for the range of different keywords I was bidding on. Yes, that's fairly high per click, but I'm bidding on some fairly valuable traffic.
I received a total of 240 visitors and 3 orders. That's not too bad. The conversion rate was a little over 1% and my total cost for the three orders was $211.20.
Google AdWords fared considerably better. My average cost per click was only 47 cents. Out of 320 clicks, I got 8 orders; which is a 2.5% conversion rate. Very nice! So those 8 orders cost a total of $150.40 - a dramatic difference in result.
MarketingBlaster.com beat them both.
I received 1,000 visitors. An amazing 4.2% of them ordered for a total of 42 orders! I paid only 10 cents per visitor for this traffic for a total of $100. The lesser known of the three really blew away the competition in this test.
It's hard to say all of the factors that contributed to these results. It's not really possible to compete these sources exactly head-on. They all have their differences and some tweaks here and there could result in a different winner. The point is that you must track and test so that you know what traffic sources are working best for your product/service.
The bottom-line in this test however was that MarketingBlaster.com blew away the competition. I will definitely be starting with them in future campaigns and adding other sources later. I will, however, continue to track and test and look for a new contender. That's how you win at this game!
Happy Marketing!
Nathan Anderson is an internet marketing consultant and SEO expert. He is author of Search Engine Optimization Tactics and co-owner of the SEO Club, which can be found at http://www.SEOclub.com


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