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Have your own website?

Creating and promoting a website is essential in order to become successfull in this kind of work at home job, but not vital. Probably you can make it without a website, by using your SFI Gateways with free classified ads and PPCs. Many leaders are only using their gateways but the vast majority own their own website. They firstly start reading about Search Engine Optimization and work to make it appear high in the Search Engines for certain keywords, like "earn money online". Design the layout of your webpages, so that people will decide to become part of your SFI group. Then work with them, teaching your method. Dedicate time and effort. Do not stop reading and learning.

10 killer ways to jump start your profits

by Scott F. Geld:
1. Volunteer your writing services for exclusive articles (that means you offer one per website) to extremely busy websites to trade for a link back to your website.
2. Build a pleasant online impression. Advise your visitors about benefits you have promoted or that you bestow a fraction of your earnings to charity.
3. Enrich your customer support services frequently. Evaluate current technological advancements that make it easy for your to keep in touch with your customers over the Web.
4. Invite visitors to your website to provide information about what they desire you to offer in the future. This sort of insight can multiply your earnings.
5. Make certain the web host you use doesn't cause you to lose money. If you get an e-mail from someone that told you that they couldn't access your site, it might be your host.
6. Produce a website that visitors will enjoy. Supply a smooth navigation system, include useful information, make sure your graphics can load fast, provide search features, etc.
7. Continue to modify or add free items to your website. People will grow tired of seeing the people see the identical free item in your advertisements.
8. Include a register to your website. When visitors give you their website, send a confirmation e-mail to them verifying you added their entry, and has been link has been added and tell them again to come back to your website.
9. Organize your marketing and advertising into a plan. Create a list of daily, weekly, monthly and all other future promotional plans.
10. Swap web links with websites that would appeal to the audience you are targeting or yourself. These website must provide visitors to their websites, content that is useful and items that are free of charge.


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