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E-zines (Newsletters)

E-zines are one of the best ways to target your prospects since most of them are written for highly specific audiences. For example: health magazines would be a great place to advertise the SFI Wellness and Nutrition products.
Search for e-zine directories. You will find a slew of them. Check the newsletters or e-zines in the category you want to see if they allow free ad placement or if you find an e-zine you like, what the cost of an ad is.
E-zines will give you a procedure for placing an ad. It will usually be an e-mail address you can send your ad to. When your ad is accepted you will receive a confirming message. If your ad is a paid one, you will be given the procedure for payment.
Writing articles for an e-zine is a great way to get free advertising. If you have a hobby or an area of expertise, by all means write an article and submit it to an appropriate e-zine. Be sure you add a “resource box” at the end of the article. The resource box contains your name, e-mail, and a very short statement about the product you are selling. In effect, it is a free ad.
In both the cases mentioned above you will most likely have to subscribe to the e-zine, but since a large majority of e-zines are free, cost should not be a problem.
Selling your products, be it the nutritional supplements, vitamins, antioxidants products or the SFI business opportunity is what your affiliate business is all about. The more you learn about marketing, the more confident you can become, the better you can be as a salesperson, and your commissions can increase with experience.

Ten advantages of offering articles to e-zines

by Scott F. Geld
1. You'll make a good name for your website, business, and yourself when you submit articles to online magazines. Include your contact information when submitting the articles.
2. Others will deem you an expert on the subject of your articles. This will result in your business gaining an even more favorable reputation which will provide you an edge over your competitors.
3. There is the possibility the e-zine publisher will place your article on their home page. This will provide you with additional exposure if each issue is available on their home page.
4. There is the potential for you to gain additional exposure if the publisher of the e-zine stores back issues on their website. People may resist subscribing to the e-zine until they read past issues.
5. You will acquire complimentary advertising. You can use the money you save to advertise your business using other methods. You could, for example, buy ad space in e-zines that don't accept your article submissions.
6. There is an opportunity to make additional income by providing other writing services to people.
7. You could offer e-zine publishers the opportunity to publish your article submissions within the e-books they offer for free. People tend to share these kinds of books and this could lead to your ads being spread across the Web.
8. Submitting your articles to e-zine publishers that maintain a directory of free content on their website will result in your article gaining exposure across the Web. The publishers will give visitors permission to publish the articles again.
9. People will begin to trust you. They are more apt to make a purchase of your products if they enjoy reading your article. You can then earn more profits.
10. You could establish an agreement with an e-zine where they would promise to publish your article. You could offer to place an article of theirs in your e-zine and they could place yours in theirs. Both of you win in this situation.


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