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Your first sale

It's exciting to open the mail-box one day and find your first check staring you in the face, expanding your horizons as you think bigger. The first sale and success is an important one-- it's also important that you recognize your success.
To anyone this already applies to, CONGRATULATIONS! Truly use this milestone as a trampoline to more and more successes.
OKAY OKAY, on to the good stuff you new eager affiliates. By now you have read SFI's Smart Start, you know the system, the potential, and the products. You've printed out a description of SFI's compensation plan and know which products you want to sell like the back of your hand.
WAIT WAIT, you say, you may not have done this yet. Well, do it. PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE is required before you can think about selling!
What products do you want to sell? Where does your passion lie? Health? Nutritional supplements, vitamins, antioxidants. Training? IAHBE. Cleaning? Veriuni's Cleaning Product Line. Perhaps it's simply the "idea" of SFI itself! Incorporating SFI products into your everyday life and building a team of dedicated friends to do the same! Make money while living the SFI way! Find whatever appeals to you and study this like it was the final project of your $5000 tuition class.
If you haven't done this yet, this is STOP POINT number 1 for you. Do it.

10 Boundless ways to anchor down more sales

by Scott F. Geld
1. Increase your promotion techniques on the Web. You can achieve this by initiating an affiliate program or using viral marketing.
2. Multiply the number of guests to your website who pay for the products you offer. You could alter what your headline says, present a better guarantee, insert statements from customers that backup your statement.
3. Learn who are your greatest prospects who will buy from you by providing an ezine free of charge. Those who show the most interest will subscribe to the ezine.
4. Team up with your competition by starting an association for your specific industry. It could lead to a profitable partnership with them.
5. Publish an e-zine for your employees. This could motivate them to do a better job or fill them in on were your business is headed.
6. Look for the name of your business in newsgroups and forums. Some of the criticisms you discover could lead to an improvement in your business.
7. Attract people to link to your web site. You could offer them a discount on the products you sell or give them free stuff for linking.
8. Develop your own opt in email list by giving your visitors a reason to give you their e-mail address. Allow them sign up to free stuff and contests.
9. Create a "PR" web page for your business. List information that could be considered newsworthy for e-zines, newspapers, magazines, etc.
10. Make your business and the products you sell more reputable by providing links to other websites that provide favorable reports about your business.


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