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Conference Calling

The key to saving time is to leverage your time of every aspect. Already you save time with your autoresponders, with your advertising, and with your short 2 minutes conversations to lead them to agree to talking with you in a longer call... to save time on that call... leverage your time by talking to all of them at ONCE! How? Conference Calling!
This is seriously the best invention for marketing ever, hands down. Run a conference call chat for 30 minutes to an hour at least 5 TIMES a week, you could even do two times a day! Refer all your leads to these conference calls! You get more of a personalism with the human voice and make far stronger and better connections just by TALKING to you customers. In this call explain SFI and the opportunity focusing on benefits and what's in store if they join, the products, nutritional supplements, vitamins, antioxidants etc.. everything great-- then have a Q and A period.
Since you don't have the time to all 100 prospects for 30 minutes to an hour... do it all at once with a conference call and take sign ups after! It's so simple. Master this technique and teach your downline to send THEIR prospects to YOUR call to give them a more in depth knowledge of SFI and you've got yourself a strong a business! After the call tell everyone to get back to the person that referred them to the call!
I could literally bet my life that this will build you a massively successful business through mastering these techniques.
It will for sure at least get you your first sale!
I realize that many of you are not in the position to set up ALL of these methods, as it takes money and training! But remember that any business always has a PLAN. Make your plan! Set goals! Visualize how you will achieve them! Encourage yourself to do it! Recognize your successes!
If you can not do all of this-- apply what you CAN. Do what you can to learn to master these techniques. Always be working on yourself.

10 blockbuster ways to ignite your sales

by Scott F. Geld
1. Register to win a website award. The website may publish your contact information and a link to your website if you win.
2. Become a member of business associations or clubs. When you join these groups, your information will be available on their website. This will put your business in the spotlight.
3. Use an infectious marketing strategy that is basic. Write or commission a writer to prepare a report that includes your ad. Authorize people to republish the report for free.
4. Enhance your business by asking your customers to evaluate your services. Inform them that you welcome both good and bad criticism.
5. Design your packaging so it sells your products. Utilize colors and lettering that make your product more attractive to your prospects.
6. Contrast the guarantee you provide with what your competitors offer. Identify a target market where your guarantee will be the most effective.
7. Don't presume people who view your ad comprehend it totally. Clarify any phrases your audience may not understand.
8. Build alliances with other online businesses. You could trade links or ads, create joint venture deals, cross promote your products, etc.
9. Invent a website that provides useful information for your visitors. Add unique information, Web links to sites that also provide informational content, electronic publications, applications, etc.
10. Compete with the highly branded businesses by practicing good customers service, strong product quality and speedy service.0


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