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Make this process simple and quick and this will add value to the transaction

RIGHT! You've got a prospect, they read your ad, they are interested... now what? 60% of the time you will LOSE your prospect at this next step... MAKE IT EASY FOR THEM TO CONTACT YOU. The harder it is, the more prospects you will lose!
The most effective way to do this in my "professional" (hah) opinion is through a 24/7 recorded call answering machine message. Professional means tested.
At first I never gave this final step a thought. Leave an email address, here, call my personal number, fill out a form and mail it... etc etc etc-- I've lost them. What I found was, the most effective way to receive the MOST leads was to offer a 24/7 recorded callling line for them to leave me a message!
This eliminates the fear of them having to talk to "me" who may potentially try to convince them of something they're not sure of yet. Take that away and let them leave you a message with a recorded call! This short recorded call states what you are all about in roughly 1 to 2 minutes and asks to please leave their name and phone number to be contacted to learn more!
Additionally, they can do this any time of the day! Say they pick up your advertisement at 2AM... it's not a problem, you're READILY available, ALWAYS. This 24 hour advertising is HUGE. HUGE HUGE HUGE. That's why ONLINE advertising is effective-- it has this ability with email.
However, let's talk online for a second with email. Try to avoid the whole, "This is my email address, you email ME." Because sadly it won't work most of the time. Make it a "form" on a website, if you have ever seen one, where you input your First Name, Last Name, And Email Address, and press submit. This makes it that much easier for them and will increase your sign up ratio. Now that you have their email address, place it in a DATABASE and get an AUTORESPONDER.
Please anyone who is new to the industry learn autoresponders now or prepare to not have a life. Create your advertising BEFORE-hand and place this into your autoresponder. Follow up say, once every two weeks (do not bombard them with crap). This way you have constant contact with your prospect! Statistics show that it on average will take someone 7 to 9 times of seeing something before they honestly will take a look. So set up your 6 month autoresponder and have 24 hour advertising online too! This saves YEARS of your life, trust me.

10 Amazing Ways to Rapid Profits

by Scott F. Geld
1. Use a "P.S." at the end of your ad copy. This is were you either want to repeat a strong benefit or use a strong close like a free bonus.
2. Create a no cost e-book and provide it on your website or e-zine. This will bring more visitors to your website and produce more sales and subscribers to your e-zine.
3. Make many branches of revenue with your website. Possible avenues include selling your own products, joining affiliate programs, and selling ad space.
4. Give kudos to your visitors in your ads. This can gain their respect and put them in a favorable mood, which will cause them to be more responsive to your ads.
5. Widen your product and service market only when the need to do so is overwhelming. If there is no market for these items there won't be anyone to buy them.
6.Provide your backend products when they complete their order. Display a page thanking them for their order and include other items you sell on that page.
7. Sell a few products on your web site instead of selling a large amount of products. To many choices can overwhelm your visitors and they won't buy.
8. Place content and no charge items on your website that market what you offer. If visitors don't look at your ads, they might look at what you have to offer.
9. Tell your visitors that you are more than a website.
Including your personal information on your website is a good idea.
10. Provide a "Contact Page" on your web site. Give your visitors as many options to contact you as possible. This'll add credibility to your business.


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