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Don't try And "SELL" it to them

The age of selling manipulation has passed. Customers now-a-days want a SELLING EXPERIENCE. Add value to the transaction every step of the way. We no longer live in the era where selling can be defined as, "Here's my product, it does this, fork over the money." It has become a more dynamic process. Customers also KNOW what they want now. Don't insult their intelligence by telling them what they need.
Offer benefits and let them decide if this is what they are looking for. Become someone to "assist your customer" through the selling process. Stop worrying on making the sale, and work more on satisfying your customers needs-- EVEN IF THAT MEANS YOU WILL NOT GET THE SALE.
This will build up your credibility, by running an ethical customer-based business instead of a product-based business where you're more worried about your product than your customer. That change of mindset is called the "Marketing Concept."
Also adopt an "Abundance" mindset. Create partnerships with other companies and programs, that are similar to SFI, or that sell products similar to SFI. If your customer does not buy from you, chances are, he/she will buy from your competitor. Don't think that you are "losing sales" to your competitor. Work together and you BOTH will benefit! The opposite "Scarcity" mindset leads to a paranoid, terrible business and lifestyle-- give give and give some more and it will come back to you. This is what SFI does and promotes-- adopt it!

10 great ways to ignite sales

by Scott Geld
1. Partner with someone who has your same business goals. The partnership should allow sharing of leads, marketing information, sell package deals and other beneficial information.
2. Make a name for yourself and business. One way to accomplish this is to write articles and offer online publications and websites republication rights.
3. Auction your products on your website according to your website's general theme. This type of sales technique will appeal to auctioneers and bidders.
4. Schedule time during the day or week for fresh thinking. The ideas you conjure up during this time will serve your business well.
5. Mimic the behavior of successful business people. I'm not recommending that you follow what they do exactly, but do some of the things that have made them successful.
6. Don't be afraid to take chances that have the potential to enhance your business.
7. Incorporate emotion into your ads. Use words such as enjoyment, ease, hope, and funny.
8. Ask people online to review your web site. You can use the comments you get to improve your web site or you may turn the reviewer into a customer.
9. Lessen your employee costs by outsourcing administrative, marketing, and financial services.
10. Combine a product and service together in a package deal. It could increase your sales. If you're selling a book, offer an hour of consulting with it.


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