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Ways to make money on the web and with webpages in general

There are a lot of ways to make money on the web with your website:
- Rotating advertisement banner/link spots via scripts throughout your site and charge services/companies a flat fee based on the amount of traffic you get and what the basic genre of the site is.
- A "free" section where possibly users could download games, programs, images, get free offers for trials to programs, free physical goods etc. There is plenty of great affiliate programs to support these ideas out there that you can use.
- Advertisement based optin newsletter and offer some propositions to companies willing to pay for adverts. This way you could legally mail your members/subscribers a daily/weekly/monthly newsletter possibly describing great new offers/ways to make money/new websites out, products and so forth. You could also sell the lists to big advertising organizations and companies.
- Games section with free games and as well paid games - there are affiliate programs out there offering great programs with games and all set up and hosted for you.
- Services section where users can get free and paid services, eg: mortgage quotes, loan estimates, VIN checks, hosting, domains, url submission, traffic trading etc.
- Subscription service and members area that contains more of what you're offering on the main page as well as advanced versions of what's already offered.
- Caffeshop.com store that promotes items with your sites insigna and logo on it for diehard members to purchase.
- Webstore section of your site where you can signup with dropselling companies such as agsmembers.com etc, and offer great goods at low prices for your members to purchase.
Regarding adverts on your site, here's what Scott F. Geld has to say:

Ten great ways to sell advertising on your website

by Scott F. Geld,
1. Offer a discount to your customers when they spend over a certain dollar amount for ad space. You can also apply this tip to the amount of ads they buy.
2. Offer your customers a free bonus for renewing their ad order. It could be an ebook, special report, online utility, etc.
3. Sell advertising space between your content. You just break an article in half and insert the banner or classified ad between it.
4. Write content that's tailor made to mention and relate to the product your customers are advertising. This is more work but, you'll sell a lot of ads.
5. Tell your customers when they buy an ad you'll also add it to your free ebook and message board for free.
6. Offer to endorse the product your customers are advertising before or after their ad. In all honesty, you would have tried out the product first.
7. Write a review for your customer's product to place under their ad. This is similar to a testimonial or endorsement but more in-depth.
8. Offer a buy 2 ads and get 1 free deal. With the slow economy and advertising sales, most businesses are bound to be looking for a good ad deal.
9. Give your customers a ton of free bonuses when they buy ad space. It can be submission software, an ebook full of advertising or copywriting tips, etc.
10. Guarantee your customer's advertising results. If they don't like the traffic they receive, give them a refund or another ad for free.


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