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A simplified version

The following is a whole "science" itself, (well, almost) but here's a simplified version:
Where is it good to advertise?
Where those who are likely to join "hang out"?
How do you find such places/websites?
By searching the net the same as they would (put yourself in their shoes).
So you search various search engines using the terms they would, like: home business, free business, affiliate program, work from home, and many other words and combinations that you can think of.
While searching the engines, put the sites from the top 10 -20 positions (most surfers never look further) in favorites. (I'd open a folder for each search engine -and terms I used- and put in what it brought up). Search also smaller search engines, you never know, don't exclude anything.
Then, when you see a certain site appearing again and again for certain search terms you used on different search engines, THAT is the right place for your ad.
Now... if you advertise on the site , lets say the first page, it will come with a fee and it is up to you and experience or what people post in the forum to know if you are willing to pay the fee. To advertise with the other pages there is usually a link that says: "place ads", "submit ads" or similar. From there follow the instructions given. It obviously varies from site to site.

10 explosive ways to turbo-boost your sales

by Scott F. Geld
1. Design your web site to be a targeted resource center. Choose one subject and build on it. You'll gain repeat visitors that are interested in that topic.
2. Offer something that is really free. If people go to your site and what you said was free really isn't, you'll lose their trust and they won't buy anything.
3. Add a chat room or message board to your website. People want to interact with other people that have the same interests as them.
4. Entice people to link to your web site by giving them something free in return. This will increase your ranking in some search engines.
5. Trigger your reader's emotions in your ad copy. Example, if you sell a book on gambling tips, tell them the feelings they'll get when they win money.
6. Make sure your site looks good in all browsers. You could be losing sales because it looks distorted in some web browsers.
7. Increase your sales by e-mailing full page ads to your e-zine subscribers. Remember to tell people before they subscribe or they may consider it spam.
8. Make inquiries in your ad copy that make people consider their personal issues. An example: Do you want to be debt free?
9. Enhance the size of your potential customer's problem in the advertisement; explain, show the way your product can solve the problem. You can expect an increase in sales. The more significant the problem, the more sales you can expect.
10. Invest a percentage of your profits right back into your business. Spend it on marketing, product improvement, customer service, advertising, etc.


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