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Google Adwords

Google Adwords relies very heavily on CTR (Click Through Rate).
The good thing for SFIers is that they accept our Gateways but make sure you select one that doesn't use a pop-up - they do not accept URLs with pop ups. Go to the following link to find out Adwords' rules: https://www.adwords.google.com/select/guidelines.html
Many team mates have faced various problems with the Adwords, having been continuously changing their ads to meet their qualifications. Adwords denied their ads again and again, re-directing them to their instructions page.
Google Adwords have a lot of rules like, for instance, you can not have more than one capital letter in the heading and the ad itself, you cannot add exclamation marks, you have to include the word "affiliate" in your ad, you only have very limited space for each line of your ad and if you use the keyword "work at home" for instance, you must bid what they ask you to bid (50 cents or higher) otherwise they will not let you use that keyword. If you dont have the daily balance they suggest, they will deny your ad.
Let alone that they charge your credit card at the end of the month, and if you dont check daily, and keep running your ad at the price they suggest, you could be billed hundreds of dollars!
Furthermore, they place your ad for viewing, and for each keyword, they show it 1000 times, but if your click thru percentage is not a certain percent, they stop your ad, and you have to fix it to meet their criteria, then they charge you $5 to re-start your ad after you fixed it, and hopefully you'll fix it to meet their expectations.
However, in the hands of an experienced online marketer, Adwords can be a valuable advertising tool. Here's what the Smokesoft.net webmaster has to say:

Pay-per-Performance advertising

Google Adwords is a relatively new pay-per-click advertising program that allows you to place small ads in Google's search result listings for matching keywords.
Via small boxes placed directly to the right of the normal search results it's possible to place your own highly-targeted, classified ad in front of thousands of searchers every day. And you don't pay a dime for placement unless you receive visitors to your site.
It's easy to be up-and-running in a matter of minutes with Adwords. All you have to do is choose your keywords, come up with a catchy title and description, then decide on your budget, and you're off and running.
The key is to pick high-demand keywords (search terms people use a lot) with a small number of competing sites. You can find out which search terms are the most popular, and how many sites are competing for them using a free tool like NicheBOT or the WordTracker. These are good short-term solutions to finding high-demand keywords and phrases.
You're even given the option to choose which regions view your ads. This is really helpful in cutting down on wasted clicks from parts of the world where visitors may click to your site without fully understanding your ad.
Another, and probably one of the smartest features Google has added to Adwords is called "Smart Pricing". I've got to tip my hat to Google on this one - it's brilliant!


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