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Setting up online check and credit card processing

Accepting payments online is simple with check or credit card processing.
Sites that offer content through membership, (entertainment sites, forums, information, etc.) provide access through a database referred to as a 'members area'.
This is nothing more than a simple directory on your website that has been password protected, easily done with most web hosts.
The hard part is providing a unique username and password for every visitor who requests access to restricted areas of your site.
If you have access to a cgi-bin on your server you can save yourself a lot of grief by using a service like Verotel to manage the process for you.
You'll have the ability to accept Visa, Mastercard, online checks, access all transactions in real-time online with recurring and smart recurring billing.
Verotel uses a Perl/ASP script, called the Verotel Remote User Manager.
Installation of the script is easy. With the Verotel Remote User Manager, Verotel will assign your client a usercode and passcode and add, modify or delete these codes as usernames and passwords in your local user database.
All fees are collected by Verotel (a small percentage is retained for costs).
This script is part of an entire suite of management tools provided when opening an account with Verotel. It's available for download in PERL or ASP (Microsoft Windows NT).
Even though the script is fairly simple, installation is provided at no cost to you if you get stumped.
There are two plans available, Ticketstub, which handles all transactions in the range of $3.75 - $75.00, and is free of charge (minus Verotel's percentage), and the more functional Verotel Pro.
Verotel Pro is the more practical solution for medium to large sites. Transactions up to $500 are possible, and your business name will appear on the transaction slip, with the free ticketstub account, all statements received by your customers will read as 'TicketStub'.
This doesn't look very professional. I discourage using free accounts of any kind if you run a business - it sends your visitors the wrong impression.
One thing that stood out to me about Verotel is the fact that they don't require a monthly minimum (no struggling to meet quotas in fear of your account being closed), and they don't charge a setup fee for service.
In addition to online check and credit card processing, Verotel also handles 1-900 billing services. More information on all available packages can be found on the Verotel homepage.


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