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Spam filters

Don't be content to just fool spam filters - Beat spam filters - The right way. Spam filters are a necessity. I shudder at the thought of hundreds (more) junk emails cluttering my inbox everyday and forcing me to spend wasted time blasting them into oblivion.
This is what we KNOW.
What may NOT be common knowledge is the fact that many big name ISPs (Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo..) regularly flat out REFUSE to use whitelisting procedures, even at the request of the customer.
Most ISPs are quite reasonable, but some could care less what's best for you, your small business, or your customers.
If you're a Hotmail fan you may be interested to know they use BrightMail, a filter notorious for intercepting legitimate emails sent by non-spammers like you and me.
And you'll never even know you've been duped because Hotmail doesn't have the decency to send a bounce back report to let you know your hard work has just been annihilated.
That's unacceptable.
What's worse is the fact that too many people don't even realize that all of their efforts are in vein. Something has to be done. Don't fret, you can help spread the word.
The consequences of spam are ruining small businesses everywhere, it's no longer enough to simply beat spam filters, here is another option:
You can use the free Spam checker tool to proof-read your outgoing emails for spam content before they get nabbed by filters - a great tool!


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