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The best part, commissions

Certainly the best part on the Resources Center, MY COMMISSIONS. This is a subsection under "Genealogies" in "My Report" general section. Under the "Month/Year" column you have a link under each month that takes you to a page that shows a detailed breakdown of what you are earning for the sale or purchase of each of the major SFI products or services. This is your "Monthly Commissions Statement" listing the Standard TNet Commissions under each of up to 12 levels (Level 1 Pay, Level 2 Pay, Level 3 Pay and so on until Level 12 Pay), the Retail Sales Commissions and the Business Builders Bonus.
The commissions for the previous month are posted on or around the 10th of the next month. So for instance, if you want to see what your commissions for July would be you must wait until August 10th.
Finally, the last link in "My Account" section takes you to your standing order details. Here, you can create, change, or cancel a standing order. Remember, the vast majority of successful SFIers are EA with a IAHBE standing order.
OK we're done with "My Account" section, but let's talk a little about one more section on the Sfimg.com website. While we are taking this little break think about this:
The man on the top of the mountain did not fall
The CONTACT MANAGER. The Contact Manager is FREE, but to use it you need to register for it. Once you have done this you can send out automatic welcome messages to new affiliates or EAs. I strongly suggest that if you are new you continue to use the default messages. I send out a custom message to ALL new Affiliates in our Powerline, and as the Team Leader I make it my responsibility and privilege to take care of each and every one of them. The Contact Manager is located in the "Resources" section - under the Eagle Co-op and the TL Co-op Manager.
Wow, quite a day huh? That is all for today. I hope you have a better grasp on the Account page now and feel comfortable navigating around it. Next time I am going to start discussing how to use Free Classifieds to advertise your business.
Before that I want you to take a moment to just sit back and look at why you joined SFI and what you expect to get out of your SFI business. It could be to meet new people, to earn extra money, to gain more freedom of time. Whatever it is I want you to write it down and put it up somewhere by your computer so you can see it everyday. You need to remind yourself why you go through the things you will experience with SFI. It is not going to always be fun, and sometimes it is going to be downright depressing when things are not going the way you think they should, but if you stick with it and realize that with any business opportunity it is long term, then you will succeed.
In the next chapter of this introductory training help, you will find a few historical data regarding Marca's home based business.
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Introductory #A7
Your Account page
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