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Group Leader qualifications

This is the F. A. Q. section of the Sfinco.net website.
The title was "GL bonus"

Question: What are the qualifications for becoming Group Leader and what about the bonuses?

Answer: Effective retroactively to October 1st, 2003, the qualifications for GL are simply a minimum of 1000 SVP in your Personal Powerline.
GL's now earn a straight 15% override on their entire group's CV (your Group is defined as your Personal Powerline plus all Offshoot Powerlines, down to the next GL).
The larger your organization grows, the bigger your commission check can be. Also, no longer are you penalized or held back because of what other GL's are doing or not doing (which has been the case with the previous GL Pool).
Note that SFI is also instituting a "same-month" payment policy. That is, no longer must you wait one or more months to start getting paid as a GL. So long as you have 1000 SVP or more when commission checks are cut (example: You have 1157 SVP for October after refunds, etc. when commissions are processed on November 10th), you'll get paid the GL Leadership Bonus.
Special Notes:
A. Some of you have secondary positions in your spouse's name or under a corporate tax ID number. SFI will allow these positions to be rolled into your Personal Powerline if you wish in order to meet the 1000 SVP qualification.
B. A method for tracking exact Personal Powerline SVP and Group SVP will be in place soon. You will be able to go in every day and see how much SVP you have in your organization so that you can gauge your various activities.
C. SVP for GL qualification may only include SVP from actual sales ("Action SVP" like free SVP awarded for actions like competing Smart Start, for example, are excluded).
D. Special incentives to upgrade to MIQ status quickly have been provided.


Justin Borland said: "Gery, I love the new improvements you are planning. I think this will have a huge impact on upgrades. Keep up the great work."
Mark D Covell said: "I believe that your changes to the compensation plan are excellent. Work hard and get paid what you're worth. Gery, I think you do a fantastic job in monitoring any changes that you make and you are not afraid to make any necessary changes where you see fit. I am very proud to be a member of the SFI family. It is definitely changing my life."
Darin Mathews said: "To say that I'm absolutely thrilled about these changes would be a huge understatement. Mr. Gery Carson, you've renewed my faith in SFI with these announced changes. SFI really does have the interests of its affiliates as a first priority. Thank you, thank you!! The future does indeed look bright!"
Albert Koster said: "I think this is a very positive move!"
Stone Evans said: "The pending changes in SFI look very good to me. Your leadership and commitment to building the best organization possible is *deeply* appreciated. Long live SFI!"


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