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Host, view and place banners

This is the F. A. Q. section of the Sfinco.net website.
The title was "Banners"

Question: What program should I use to view my banners and point it to my site by html code

Answer: For viewing your banners, your browser is normally all you need.
You can find the banners at the SFI Resource Center Marketing Aids area (Sfimg.com - enter with your ID and password). Once you find a banner you want to use, right click in it and you should have a small drop menu pop up. Click Save Picture As... (the exact wording varies) and select a place on your hard drive that you can easily relocate, then click OK.
Next, just click the File link at the top of the screen (above the browser window) and select Open, then navigate to your copy of the banner. Click OK, then Open (the exact wording may vary here, too). Your banner will appear if all is right.
To link your banner to your site, it must be on the web somewhere. This is called "hosting".
There are many options for hosting your banner. If you are building a web site, it should be hosted as part of the site. If you are going to use the banner for classified or other advertising, you will need an independent host. If you have web space provided by your ISP that is not in use, this is a great spot to host banners. or personal SFI web sites. Most FREE webhosts no longer allow images or graphics to be remotely displayed on other sites. This includes webhosts such as; Geocities, Angelfire, & Fortunecity. Please remember this when attempting to post your banner.
If you need a separate banner host, try www.bravenet.com or search for "image host" with any good search engine.
Once you have the banner safely hosted, you only need to refer to it and it will be displayed. That's the job of the HTML. Where you want the image to be, just type <img src="image address">. Replace image address with the actual url of the image at your image host. For instance, <img src="http://www.my personal account/images/Banner147.gif"> displays

To make a link, replace the normal link text with an image tag.
<a href="https://www.soanso.com/xyz/Department.vstore?id=34"><img src="http://www.my personal account/images/Banner147.gif"></a> becomes a link like this:


Post banners

There's a huge number of places to post banners. They range from free to hugely expensive.
Having the banners on your hard drive, ready to go will let you use most of the places you find right when you find them.
For the sites that host your banner themselves, it can involve emailing the banner to the webmaster, if the case of exchanging links, it can involve using an upload button, such as is found on some classified ad sites, or it can require an FTP client (program) to upload to a specific directory for that site. Each site should tell you what it requires.
If you need an FTP client, you can find at least one in the DBoard Resource Center under Downloads.
For the sites that ask for a url for your banner, it is a bit more complex to set up. Then it gets easy. You will need to put the banner on the web somewhere, as mentioned above. The first place to consider is any web space your ISP provides. That's the outfit that sells you internet access. Most include at least some web space. Their information pack you got when you signed up, their help pages or their FAQ should tell you what you need to know to get your banner in that web space. If not, an email to support should get the details.
There are also sites that host web sites and images for free or for pay.
Once your banner is on the web, you just need to know the url (address) for it. Then when a site asks for the url of your image or banner, just send that or type it into the box on the site. If you have chosen a host that allows outside requests for images (check the terms of service before you start), it should appear in all its glory when your ad or other banner placement is accepted.


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