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I definitely understand this all takes
time and effort

This is the F. A. Q. section of the Sfinco.net website.
The title was "Help me get there"

Question: Thanks for all of the feedback -- I definitely understand this all takes time and effort. I am in it for as long as I can see beneficial results. I have been reading for a long time before I ever signed on with SFI, so I feel good about the effort I am putting forth now. Each MLM has their unique way of doing things and compensation plans, so itís a matter of learning this well enough to support teammates. I hope to be PTL someday and hope you'll help me get there... thanks so much again for all of your time. How are things going for you?

Answer: You got it very right, Beth, one of the two major parts in this business is following up on your affiliates! The other one of course is "Referring people to your website". However, even if you've read a ton on online marketing, if you don't take the Time to put in practice SLOWLY and PATIENTLY what youíve learned, it will be like taking your new car out in the big traffic when youíve only studied driving with a manual.
Furthermore, as you say, each business has its own secrets. Hence, I would advise you to stop buying books and manuals for your SFI business. Everything you need is on the SFI website and IAHBE (oh well, in my training stuff too). More reading would be a surplus to get confused with. Read what Gery says, the rest are only products to add to your cart - to make you buy more.
By the way, I don't know what product you MIQed with, but Iím strongly recommending IAHBE Ė donít buy other books. Unfortunately some are MISLEADING: they promise you to be a "big dog" in a few days with a guarantee! Disgusting. I never advertise this sort of hype, even if it's a top seller.
Just focus on Geryís writings: "Give your business Time - 2 years, even more". I'm a living example of this, after one year with SFI I started getting a decent income. I'm NOT a big dog yet, although I see it coming - a little more every month, that's what I need.
And no, you will not see "beneficial results" THAT soon. You have to work on it and get through this awful newbie period with determination, even stubborness - patience it not always the right word!

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