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Creating a keywords list

This is the F. A. Q. section of the Sfinco.net website.
The title was "Please help me out with the keywords"

Question: I would like to try PPCs. The bids start from 0.01 per bid, I just opened an account at this site, but I'm not familar with this method, I don't know many good keywords. You have more experience than me, perhap you can help me with this. Please help me out for the keywords. I'm sure you know a lot of good keywords to bid for.

Answer: A good way to create a collection of keywords is to "view the source" on various websites. For example: Go to Google and type in the search bar whatever keyword, eg "supplements" or "vitamins". Many sites will come out but please don't click on the "sponsored sites" and in particular the ads on the right column because they are submitted through Adwords Select, the most expensive and complicated PPC -> you will make people pay for useless clicks!
Let's say you click on a supplements/health site. To view the source, right mouse click on the page and an options box will open. Click on the option "view source" or similar and the html code will appear. Note that you should not click on an image or a logo because the view source option will not be available. Choose to right mouse click on text or anyway click until you get the view source option. On this particular site the title shows first then the description and then the keywords meta-tags.
You may do this with as many sites as you want, create as large a collection as possible, then go to your particular PPC and look for each keyword's traffic on the toolbox that most serious PPC's have. Traffic is particularly important because it affects the bid's value and each PPC has its own. That's because each PPC's customers are the ones to choose which keywords they will be using so you may find a lot of traffic for one keyword on one PPC and less traffic for the same keyword on another PPC.
Or there may be a lot of traffic for one keyword for a couple months and less traffic (same PPC, same keyword) for the next months for various reasons.
Another important feature when choosing a PPC is which nation they mostly serve. For example, I have rarely got a sign up outside USA from Overture. But I only got useless sign ups from India, Malaysia, China and Russia from FindItQuick while with Findwhat I need to reduce my "expensive" bids when Asia is awake.
The next trick is to create as many variations on the same "basic" keyword as possible. If your basic keyword is "supplements" use your imagination and create many more combinations like:
sport nutrition
sport supplements
sports nutrition
sports nutrition education
sports supplements
starbucks nutrition
successful weight loss
the vitamin shoppe
the zone diet
united health care
vegetarian cooking
vegetarian diet
vegetarian diets
vegetarian meals
vegetarian nutrition
vegetarian nutrition
vegetarian recipes
vegetarian recipies
vitamin a
vitamin a deficiency
vitamin absorption
vitamin b
vitamin b 12
vitamin b complex
vitamin b deficiency
vitamin b1
vitamin b12
vitamin b-12
vitamin b12 benefits
vitamin b12 deficiency
vitamin b12 information
vitamin b17
vitamin b-17
vitamin b2
vitamin b3
vitamin b5
vitamin b6
vitamin b-6
vitamin b6 benefits
vitamin c
vitamin c deficiency
vitamin c in food
vitamin c overdose
vitamin c toxicity
vitamin d
vitamin d deficiency
vitamin deficiencies
vitamin deficiency
vitamin deficiency diseases
vitamin deficiency symptoms
vitamin e
vitamin e information
vitamin e overdose
vitamin e side effects
vitamin e toxicity
vitamin information
vitamin k
vitamin k foods
vitamin list
vitamin o
vitamin overdose
vitamin sea
vitamin shop
vitamin shoppe
vitamin store
vitamin supplement
vitamin supplements
vitamin toxicity
vitamin world
vitamins and minerals
vitamins for hair growth
vitamins minerals chart
vitamins online
You may also use the Wordtracker and your PPC's toolbox, 7Searchís too.
Now, you're asking for the best keywords, but Iím not using only the "best" keywords. Like most successful SFIers I prefer building a large collection patiently. In this way I can continuously lower my bids. If I only use 3-4 "good" keywords I have to bid high on them and get the unavoidable expensive traffic, like I've explained in my newsletter. But if I use many words I can target higher positions with a low cost. Of course I don't get large traffic from each keyword, but I get large traffic from all the keywords together.


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