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How can you stay up there??

This is the F. A. Q. section of the Sfinco.net website.
The title was "How can you"

Question: Congratulations on your top #59 placement this month. As you told me you dont't have time anymore for PPC nor for Free Ads, but you are still on the top of the sellers' list this month. May I ask you if you don't mind how do you do that? Any secret that makes you be up there? You mentioned Free classified have worked well for you. Would you please show me which free classified are the best for you to get more Affiliates?? Or which is the way to get a lot of sales. If you don't mind please tell me your secret, I will appreciate that. You are very good seller - I can see your name on every list. Thank you in advance.

Answer: I did not finish the month on #59 but on #44! I am amazed myself, overlooking great old Group Leaders or PTLs that registered more than a year before me and were active on the Sfidboard together with me at that time. Truly, I could not believe it and I still wait for a lower position, if any, in the coming months, but who knows, I may continue being as lucky!
Now... you are asking for a specific "secret" or "site", just like I and ALL new affiliates are asking in their starting steps. It would be easy, wouldn't it, I would spread the news to all my affiliates, they would become PTLs in no time, hence, sales would be sky rocketing making everybody richer, myself included! But that's not the way it really is. I know there are many leaders like S. C., promising people to get secrets that will enable them to earn $1,000 in one month. This is pure lies, they just try to attract people to their websites and sell them something, that's all.
Specifically about me: First, if you remember, I have been talking about QUANTITY and there lies a big "secret". In my first 5 months I was mainly getting traffic from my country, not knowing how to expand further (I'm certainly talking about free classifieds). Next, I've been searching the net everywhere and was placing ads saving them at the same time on an excel sheet or at the Adwizard. Back then, I was able to keycode everything because I had many keycodes available, as a beginner. But there came a time when I started with PPCs and because I was paying I canceled my free classified keycodes to put them on PPC keywords. But there also came a time when these (good) free sites became so many that I could not check on them any more! I can tell you with confidence that I did not find ONE site providing a lot of sign ups - they were ALL TOGETHER giving each one a sign up every month or so. So I got fed up, having reached the point where checking on each keyword was more time consuming than submitting ads. So I decided to get all the freebies under one keycode and distribute the other keycodes to PPC keywords.
Funny but true, the SAME happened with the PPC keycodes. I was keycoding each keyword in the beginning but to cut a (long) story short I have now only about 40 keywords under separate keycodes. The rest are all under one keycode. Needless to repeat that in the meantime I learned how to spot which ones are producing high traffic and that's the ones I've separated.
HOWEVER: The ones I've separated are NOT necessarily the good ones and very often they are NOT! I keep them there because many of them are DANGEROUS and I want to continuously be checking on them.
I said I stopped doing free classifieds since January 2003 and that's true for many reasons apart from my site building endeavors: mainly I'm busy following up with my folks. However, that DOESN'T mean that many of my ads are no longer active. I stopped submitting NEW ones but some of the old ones are still there! And unfortunately they can not be spotted out because the well known sites get your listing go deep quick, but the less important sites don't get a lot of new listings and my ads stay on good positions longer. That was what Karen Barnes, our kind moderator has called "obscure" sites, that cannot be found easily. If you make a simple computation: imagine you have submitted to 1,000 sites, if each site gives you a sign up every 6 months only, that's more than 5 affiliates per day! I don't get more than 2 a day! Sometimes I get nothing, but having worked for more than a year, I have ACCUMULATED many.
So I may have stopped free ads momentarily, but my previous work is NOT wasted.
Next, about PPC's. I didn't say I stopped PPC's completely. I said I stopped Go Click and 7 Search but I still run Overture (a little) and Findwhat and there again I'm getting most of the traffic from the listing where most of my keywords are keycoded under one number.
And of course, I will repeat for the nth time that the title and description of my ad plays a very important role, and that I had to check by changing it from time to time until I found something unique, different, attractive and truthful.
In closing I should say that nothing is just black or white, some of my free ads are still working by themselves, part of my PPCs are still working but less than before, I'm not hiding any special secret and I am trying my best to show you the way to go which is closely related to hard work.


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