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This is the F. A. Q. section of the Sfinco.net website.
The title was "Choose a PPC"

Question: As you said the threads on the boards are all useless – those talking about some PPCs giving away free bonuses are not particularly helpful because these PPCs are minor, very unimportant ones. Why do people on the board never tell the truth to help a newbie? You said they never disclose which one is the best. All sites mentioned are just minor PPC? Unbelievable, even the PTLs never tell the truth? How do you prove that? I don't understand. Please make more clear why they don't disclose the best PPC. What can I do to choose a PPC?

Answer: Oh, you totally misunderstood me, Hue! I never said that all threads on the board are useless, on the contrary, I've written in many of my letters that I built my business on this board. I have done unofficial moderating in the past and I know very well what a pain it is, how time consuming and often really frustrating. I gave up helping members when I decided to concentrate on learning how to site build and SEO. At that point, and as a beginner, I had no available time to do consistent promoting, let alone Sfidboard moderating! Furthermore I consider all old helpful members as "heroes" because I know that for experienced SFIers there’s nothing more to learn there - they can only help others, not themselves.
That's the reason why most great earners are out of the board, they get fed up with the same questions from hundreds of newbies again and again.
Currently I’m only "reading between the lines" and I’m watching closely what the great earners are doing. See, I've followed them for more than two years, checking on what they really do on the net. I can spot out when they are lying and when they're not. This is great experience and it adds up to the knowledge I collect for me and my downline.
In my long experience I noticed that, however much they disclose, all of them are hiding “their best card”…
Please note that there are some "naive" people who disclose “more than they should". M. and K. have often attacked people who give away "too much information".

Your "shoe shop"

Like all newbies, I went through the starting period myself and I know how eager everyone is to learn "what EXACTLY" they should do. But I slowly realized that you cannot just copy what the others are doing exactly. Same like in the offline world: Imagine yourself opening a shoe shop next to another shoe shop. You decorate it in EXACTLY the same way your competitor has. Then you display the same shoes at the same prices and make the same type of promotion! I assure you that not only will you ruin your competitor's business who could otherwise be your friend but you will NOT get the same results your competitor had before you appeared on that street. To survive you would both need to engage in a price reduction battle until extinction of at least one of you.
What should you do then? You DON'T want to get involved in any other business than the shoe business!
Well, you would follow the rest of the crowd: First learn how to manufacture shoes and put SOMEWHERE your own touch. If you're not a producer you would learn how to find the best suppliers and make special deals with them (on the quality, the design, the colors, what have you). You would definitely need to somehow differentiate yourself from your competitor.
So in reality we SFIers are ALL competitors to each other. Yet, there are SOME people who will help a little, some will help more and some a lot! But the fact remains that you must discover a lot by yourself in order to develop your own SFI personality.
Unfortunately some leaders are pretending to be great helpers when in reality they're not.
A great example is E. who has even posted on the board what he's doing to persuade his affiliates become MIQ: He offers to submit their site to 750 search engines when they upgrade. An experienced member accused him of fooling his downline because everyone knows that submitting to these unimportant search engines is not only unproductive but also dangerous for your mailbox in that you're getting back some 300 counter offers daily! E. responded harshly like he often does, there was a quarrel on that thread and it was finally closed.
Meaning, each PTL, GL or simple Referrer chooses to run their business in the way that suits them better. This happens in the offline business world too.
As you know I've chosen NOT to fool my teammates and I’m encouraging them to study and learn how to “develop their own SFI personality” from the moment they walk in my work at home based business website.
Back to the PPC's. The good ones are no secret to anyone (go back to my newsletter “Marca: more on PPCs”). Some new PPC's are created constantly and if you want to "swim into deep waters" and try to find out which of the minor ones are good, you will have to do the research by yourself. Why would another SFIer disclose the product of their hard labor, why do you find that "unbelievable", it's only human and understandable!
There are many people like S. C. claiming that their e-book or ezine will disclose secrets. I'm not naive any more, there are NO secrets other than hard work. E. has very often put it on the board ("You have to work hard and make sacrifices to get there").

I bet you wouldn't!

A great example is the Coca Cola recipe, one of the best kept secrets in the world. Would YOU disclose the Coca Cola secret recipe if YOU were the Coca Cola owner?? I bet you wouldn't!!
As for me personally, I have not used extensively other PPC's than the well-known ones. I chose to dedicate my free time in answering my teammates’ questions rather than trying to find obscure PPC's. I did try once (FinditQuick) and indeed, it's very cheap, but I only got affiliates from Asia.


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