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About the Eagle Coop

This is the F. A. Q. section of the Sfinco.net website.
The title was "Eagle Coop"

Question: Just wondering if you or your teammates are having any luck with the Eagle coop. I have had about a dozen prospects none of which have opted in. What forms of follow up are you using? Are these people returning your emails? Currently using the eagle temporarily as my newletter subscriber list increases and my search engine rankings increases, but I'm worried that I am wasting money on this? I am not angry, just wondering if anyone is having any luck.

Answer: My own experience with Eagle co-op was one MIQ out of 45 affiliates (three shares back then, in 2002, and never purchased any more). My affiliates' results haven't been very good. For example, one used it for about 4 months and generated about 60 affiliates. This figure does not include those who have cancelled in these 4 months (about 20). The no. of smartstart completion was very very few (I don't want to embarass you with the figure). None have gone MIQ and it's not because of poor follow up.
Another one's experience with Eagle Co-op suggests about a 25% double opt-in yield. A third one wrote: "I get a ratio of close to 80-90% opt in and with eagle I have not ever had nearly that high a ratio. I am back in eagle now after taking some time off before they "re-did" eagle. They said that Eagle is way better now (in my opinion it had no where to go but up) but I think that it could still be much much better." And a fourth one: "I've gotten no opt-ins from my Eagle share. With my other advertising I usually get better than 50% after a couple of follow-ups, so I don't think it's my follow-up routine. I think it's a lead-quality issue. Hopefully one that SFI will be able to correct, because the potential for a huge advertising co-op is great, but so far, I'm less than impressed with the execution.
With PPC, I personally get better response - the opt-ins are more qualified than those that opted-in thru the Eagle.

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