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Using free classified ads

This is the F. A. Q. section of the Sfinco.net website.
The title was "Using free classified ads"

Question: I have decided to use free online classifieds to build up my SFI business and sell the Veriuni vitamins and antioxidants. Should I post my ads every few hours so that they come up on the first page of the sites? I may get poor results on weekends. Since I work some weekdays at my inventory job, should I post SFI approved ads on the Net after noon on weekdays? I am open to other suggestions - with my using nothing but classified ads, I may end up a winner like Johan. Have any other people done this? I mean, really?

Answer: Try not to worry about posting times (time of day) - focus on total number posted per day instead. Definitely invest in Adwizard. Search and find every possible free classified site you can. Read rules and post in appropriate categories.
Some sites, you may post one ad in an appropriate category. Total number for that site could be as much as 10 ads (10 different categories, different text ads).
Renew ads, as soon as they expire in Adwizard.
AdWizard keeps track of which ad sites you have used and when. It semi-automates placing ads. It reminds you when ads are due to be renewed. What it allows you to do when posting free classifieds is save time by typing in the ads info (your user name/password if needed, address, phone number, ad title, text, url, category, etc) - the submitting of the ads also.
It works like this: It allows you to enter a site into its listing. You can name that whatever you want (Site1, Site2 etc). You can list different categories you want to post to from the same site by naming the entry in AdWizard: Site1 (biz opps), Site2 (work from home) etc.
For the first entry of the ad you'll need to enter the info into the AdWizard manually. This will be the only time you need to do this for that ad. Next, AdWizard reminds you when the ad needs to be renewed depending on the sites renewing rules and length of the run time for the ad.
AdWizard allows you to enter variables: you can enter all your info such as address, phone number, name, user name, password, city, state, zip, url(s), even ad titles, ad text, etc. This way when you are filling in the info AdWizard will use it to automatically type it in. You just need to select from the variable list instead of typing the info each time into the AdWizard.
After that, you will hit the goto button and it takes you to the site. Depending on the starting point - say start in first name, you place your cursor in First Name then press type on AdWizard. AdWizard fills in all the info for the ad and if the submission button is on the same page, it enters the ad for submission. Maybe all you need to click on is the confirmation.
It saves a tremendous amount of time, especially in the renewing time. It's free for a month, and there is a one time registration fee of $10. I would strongly recommend this program for you as you post more and more free classified ads.
Definitely keycode your ads. Use some good catchy ad titles, but not misleading.
Make changes to ads to see better results.
Drop any sites that don't produce results.
Give it time.
And work total number posted to several hundred a day.
Yes that's a lot of work, free ad posting takes time and work, but you can see results, just like Johan.
As you learn more you can move into more advanced marketing methods.

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