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Getting started

This is the F. A. Q. section of the Sfinco.net website.
The title was "Get started"

Question: I'm your new affiliate, I need help to get started. Please tell me what this company is all about.

Answer: SFI is a Marketing company working solely through its affiliates online. As ALL affiliates (myself included) didn't have a clue of how to work online in their starting steps, there's some things they must learn, all related to the topic "Online Marketing" or "Affiliate Marketing" - whatever you want to call it.
Contrary to all other similar companies, usually assigning purchased leads to their affiliates (expensive and not productive in my opinion, as you never learn how to expand on your own and keep continually dependent on other -paid- sources to build your business), SFI is offering a world of information on the methods to get off to a good start, sell products etc. starting from the simpler ones to the most sophisticated.
Indeed, it's a step by step process, and as far as I'm concerned, I'm offering complementary help to my teammates in three sections - introductory, intermediate and advanced. The advanced section consists of private lessons, with assignments that you have to complete, nothing difficult, but as I still haven't managed to put it all on a website, and as everyone's needs differ a lot at this stage, I prefer keeping a close communication and be able to correct mistakes, give guidance etc. Let alone that you are offered free space on my websites, an almost necessary "requirement" in your "advanced" online career, as the Net nowadays is TOTALLY dependent on links. Meaning, that even when you get your own website, you must have a lot of incoming high PR (PageRank) links pointing to your website, and that's what your pages on my websites will serve for.
Don't be afraid, I personally didn't know how to build a website just a little while ago. Only knew how to open an email inbox and reply back!!
But I'll stop here, because this is getting too "advanced" for you!
Your main goal with SFI is to become a Group Leader (GL) and earn thousands of dollars each month. GL earnings are very possible. See the SFI President's Club for proof. Some people have risen to GL status relatively quickly, and some may take 3 to 5 years. But however long it takes, it's worth it. To be a GL you need to produce 1,000 svp (sales volume points) each month.
To be a PTL you must be Multi-Income Qualified (MIQ), you need 4 affiliates (one of whom may be you), and you need to produce 40 svp every month (this can be new sales or renewal sales of any of SFI's products and services). Achieving your own powerline, as a PTL leading other MIQs and free affiliates you've personally referred to SFI, is not so difficult... if you try.
Thousands in SFI have done it. So can you.
To be MIQ you must produce 10 SVP every month either by selling SFI's products and services or by buying them. Very easy to do. Just one qualifying sale, that you make each month, will keep you MIQ. One of the very best ways to be MIQ each month is to become a member of SFI's International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs (IAHBE). As a subscriber to IAHBE, for less than a dollar a day, you'll be one of SFI's elite affiliates, well on your way to success, and you'll have lots of resources to speed you toward your goal of becoming PTL right away.
But don't fear that you must buy from SFI. Selling for SFI will produces the same results entirely free to you. Lots of people succeed in SFI that way.
The various upgrade levels in SFI, GL, PTL, and MIQ, and the rewards available to you by achieving those levels, are found at SFI's Compensation Plan. Study it carefully to see how you can benefit.
Now all that's required is that you introduce others to SFI by giving them free products that SFI supplies. They may become free affiliates like you, and they may buy from SFI through you. In any case, you're building a team of sellers, like yourself, who will do what you're doing (lead by example) and in so doing will help you get to the higher levels in SFI.
The secret? Advertise - online and offline, responsibly, anywhere you can think of. That's it. Do that, and let it happen.
It will... if you never fail to do your part every day. Go for it!
And should you desire, you'll soon discover products and services at SFI that you want to buy, such as Affiliate Mastery which is an absolute gem of a product that will give you all you need to achieve what you want. There are lots of other SFI fine products and services that can improve your life and business. You'll find them at SFI's BuySFI.com website. There's even products for your pet!!
After all, why not buy from YOUR OWN STORE??
Make sure the people you bring to SFI know what you know, so they do what you do.
SFI works, but only if you work it.
Don't forget. Check out all latest at the SFI News forum at the SFI Discussion Board for announcements from Gery Carson, SFI's founder and president.
And be sure to regularly use the SFI Resource Center, SFI's communications hub, especially your Account page to stay on top of your SFI business.
Among lots of other information, that's where you'll find Smart Start, a good place to begin to find out what to do next.
Check out the discussion board's SFI Training Center and DBoard Resource Center, too, for even more in depth information about SFI.
Just take it a little at a time, and you'll be an SFI expert, teaching others all about it, loving the opportunity to help others, and smiling all the way to your bank.

Visitors, you may join in free if you want!


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