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IAHBE benefits

This is the F. A. Q. section of the Sfinco.net website.
The title was "IAHBE benefits"

Question: As I understand it, I have to buy one product (IAHBE) to be MIQ or four products to be PTL, is that right? And what is IAHBE useful for.

Answer: There's no requirement to buy anything to be MIQ or PTL. There's no requirement to be an IAHBE member to be MIQ or PTL. Nor is there any requirement to sell IAHBE memberships to be MIQ or PTL. The fact is, IAHBE is a terrific value and is selling extremely well already because of it. Focus on selling our great Advanced Liquid Nutrition product if you wish to, for example, but you'll soon have people buying IAHBE memberships whether that's your personal focus or not...because it's that good!
Furthermore, the IAHBE continues to improve its value to members with several new site enhancements and features set to debut this Friday, August 6th 2004:
--> New Learning Center Section -- Formerly the "Reports, Articles, & More" section, the new Learning Center will be the heart of the IAHBE Website for all members. All reports, articles, e-books, free tutorials & workshops, and much more will be organized into easy-to-find directories you can use to drill down to the exact information you need. In addition, a new user-friendly area especially for new entrepreneurs will make getting your business off the ground easier than ever. Plus, you can use the new listings of all resources within the Learning Center to locate specific articles, tools, and resources. Be sure to check it out!
--> New Site Search Feature -- A new search option for the entire IAHBE site will also be debuting Friday. Simply enter your search term into the appropriate field and click Go. You'll get a simple rundown of the resources at the IAHBE matching your term.
--> Survey For New IAHBE Members -- Beginning Friday, members new to the IAHBE within the last 30 days will also be receiving a special e-mail inviting them to take an online survey gauging their interest in the IAHBE and running a home business. The results of this survey will be used to continue to improve the IAHBE for all members.
--> Finally, don't forget to stop by the IAHBE this Friday for a slew of new content you need for your business, including a brand new book and magazine of the month!

July book of the month

"The Shoestring Entrepreneur's Guide To Internet Start-Ups," by Robert Spiegel -- This guidebook takes readers through what is and isn't working in the world of Internet ventures. Each chapter offers clear, easy-to-understand advice on selecting the right niche market and securing startup funding, plus guidelines for creating Websites and affiliating with larger companies. Get your copy today!
The list price for this jam-packed book is $15.95, but as an IAHBE member, you get this book free!

July IAHBE magazine of the month -- included with your membership!

KIPLINGER'S -- Founded in 1947, this first magazine in the personal-finance field offers down-to-earth help to better manage your family financial affairs.
The U.S. newsstand price for KIPLINGER'S is $42 for 1 year. Your IAHBE membership fee this month includes a 1-year subscription! Login for access details. Available to international IAHBE members as well!

June IAHBE content download

For your convenience, a ZIP file of the reports, articles, software, e-books, and audio posted on the IAHBE Website during May 2004 is now available in the IAHBE Resources Section.

Visitors, you may join in free if you want!


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