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The IAHBE leads

NOTE: The 10 Free Leads IntroPak offer was brought to new IAHBE members through Cutting Edge Media (CEM), a third-party, lead-generation company. However, this particular offer has been discontinued. A new offer is now being offered to new IAHBE members for 15 free leads with a test drive of the CEM system. For more information about this offer, members can login to the IAHBE Website and click IntroPak in the left navigation menu.

This is the F. A. Q. section of the Sfinco.net website.
The title was "Question about the IAHBE leads"

Question: My wife & I don't have a big circle of friends that I can refer to this. Our families are not into computers & I don't have a lot of money to put at this right now, so can I rely on the free leads to start with till I get the feel of this whole thing? One more question, why aren't their email addresses provided?

Answer: First off, I hope you know that you have to fill in the request form in order to get the free leads. This must be done each month that you want them. Around the 21th of the month your leads will appear in the Lead Table. You go there to get your lead information. I assume that they will be downloadable to your PC and you can then work with them.
Iíve written before that you should not rely on leads to get your business grow significantly. You may get some results, but nothing spectacular. Theyíre good for your starting steps, as you say, till you get the feel of this whole thing.
Sending cards is a good idea - just they bring a small extra cost but I think they catch attention even better than letters.
The reason why the IAHBE leadsí email addresses are not provided is best described in a letter from Laura Barker of IAHBE:
"Your leads have responded to an ad about starting a home business. However, they have not yet confirmed that request. Regulations dictate that we can only request a confirmation via e-mail two to three times. If confirmation has not been received by that time, we MUST cease and desist sending them any additional e-mails, either from us or any representative of the IAHBE. To continue e-mailing these leads to confirm their request OR to allow our representatives to solicit them via e-mail in any way would be tantamount to SPAMMING. That, of course, could hurt everyone in the IAHBE. For these reasons, providing e-mail addresses with these leads is simply not possible. However, there is no such restriction on phoning or direct-mailing these prospects."
True, these people did not confirm their registration.
They could simply have never received the confirmation email. Just having the email sent out does not mean that is was received or opened.
People do make typographic errors and errors of ignorance when filling out forms, especially when new to the internet. The email submitted may be faulty by accident or design.
When the email is received, that does not mean that it is always understood. Many people forget that they requested the SIM package or don't recognize it from the description or don't want to go through with it at that time. This does not have to mean that they don't want the SIM pack, just that the time or their understanding is wrong.
Many people will just delete email they can't instantly identify. These emails could have been deleted for that reason when the sender's name didn't ring a bell and the subject didn't click, either.
Life gets in the way of many actions. Death, disease, divorce, marriage, school, vacation, a job promotion, a new job, moving and many more changes will derail even a planned acquisition of the SIM pack as readily as they can derail any other action.
Every one of us is different. Make that a central point of your understanding of why others take up or refuse our ads and offers and you will understand much more.
The free leds at the IAHBE are just that: free. They make you no promises. They allow you access to people who have shown some interest and may have only needed to hear the right thing or anything in order to act. Pre-judging them will prevent you from hearing what they really want.
Much of the response you get will be determined by the expectations you have. It is a common belief among millionaires that the universe will give you what you most need and most fervently desire. They also point out that it's not what you claim and are aware you need or want, but what is central to what and who you are that counts. If any of your subconscious beliefs are that you don't deserve something or that you are not good enough, these will sabotage every effort to get what you need and want.
Many times, when my American SFI friends have followed up on a lead by telephone, they have been told that their call was a delight, as no one else had shown that much personal interest! Others have reported the same reaction.
As for mailing itís not necessarily as expensive as it might seem. The US Postal Service has a program where they will print and send mailings for you for less than the cost of doing it yourself. For people without a USA address, there's ZairMail.

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