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New domain

This is the F. A. Q. section of the Sfinco.net website.
The title was "New domain"

Question: I looked today in my SFI Account page and I saw I'm PTL for the first time!! That's great, actually my husband wants to start with me and I will place him in my powerline. He'll be MIQ, later my mother will join too as MIQ immediately and I also have another friend who's very interested, in this way I will be PTL for the next months, but I now need to learn how to promote my SFI business opportunity online. I just bought a new domain and I want to make a very good page, actually I have another in Spanish, in order to make a Optin list. I have 170 persons on my list, and I send them articles I write in Spanish and some I take from IAHBE and translate them into Spanish because a lot of people don't speak English. For this reason I request your help, because I want to obtain more people online, I want to learn how to promote the SFI site and later the Veriuni. Besides, I travel to USA every 15 days and I will start buying Veriuni vitamins to sell to other people here, in Mexico. Do you have any idea how to start promoting my website? I just bought the domain, I did not write the page yet. Thanks for all your support.

Answer: Congratulations on your PTL status!
The reason why you are buying a domain is to enter the major search engines on top positions for free with your own website. If you want to advertise in any other way, you don't need a private website. Your SFI gateways are professionally created by an experienced marketer, Gery, and it will take you long to make something similar or better than your gateway.
Oh yes unless you want it for promoting offline, like I've written you in your starting steps because offline customers won't remember easily your SFI gateway name. You may also need it for sites that do not accept our affiliate urls. That was the reason why I created your private website. You may even get your Sfinco page on top positions, like I've written you before in my letter about an "Optimized Site", so the main reason why you want your own domain is to be able to handle your website by yourself - get your partners link to your own website.
In order to do that (get your website to top positions) you need one basic thing:
Learn how to optimize a website, which is the only way to get on top positions. This cannot be achieved in a day or two, nor be described in one email message.
One of the most important factors in optimizing a website is getting high PR (PageRank) pages pointing to your website. You cannot do that easily, unfortunately, because no respectable high-ranking webmaster wants to link to PR 0 sites, which is what your site will have for a loooong time, if you intend working on your own completely.
The reason why I suggested you become part of my websites is that both of them are ranked highly, the nutri site being currently of PR 5 and Sfinco (PR 4) will get PR 5 soon because I've only worked at it very recently, following the experience I acquired working with the nutri site.
I offered you pages on my websites in the way I described because these pages (if valuable) will earn PR DEFINITELY FOR SURE in a reasonable time. Then all these pages will be linked to your own domain and will grant it PR which you cannot get otherwise, unless you pay large sums of money to webmasters selling links (NOT a healthy situation, I assure you).
The other reason why I suggested you work through my websites is that you can learn what to do BEFORE you buy a domain.
Then, when you feel ready to get on, you may start learning how to build a website. Again, you don't need a domain to do this. As learning html is time consuming and boring, you can copy my websites' code, which I slightly adjust for your personal needs and get started with a W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional VALIDATED code, not some frontpage one that the engines dislike. Remember, the engines are ONLY reading your CODE, they don't give a damn about what the humans are seeing. Even more, they dislike graphics, logos, "ornaments" etc. They ONLY care about content and your code. The code is the language search engines understand, and the better you present it, the better for them and for you. There is one only way to know that your code is written correctly, and that is to pass it through the validator (I've done that for you, before giving you the code, of course), then you should start learning too by PRACTICING, which is better than sitting down to learn like in school classes.
If you remember, at school we were all FORCED to learn, whether we liked it or not and most of us could not understand what we learn is useful for.
In my way, you practice and learn at the SAME TIME, which makes learning more attractive and exciting.
Hence, the only way I can think of to get you started is that you send me your content and start learning how to optimize. To this end, I'm forwarding you the first letter in my advanced training program. Since you've bought the domain already, your keywords collection should start with the words "home business".

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