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Just need to earn extra money

This is the F. A. Q. section of the Sfinco.net website.
The title was "Just need to earn extra money".

Question: I tried many MLM over the past 3 years but I haven't made anything. I just need to earn extra money - I'm not a fool to believe I can be rich in a short period of time. But all I see is "best compensation plans", leads offered for a handsome fee, useless products to buy. Is this the way to earn extra money? I personally don't have 5 hours at night to place ads, nor money to invest. Any input? Alex Ch.

Answer: There are people making money and people not making money.

The big problem is that most online home businesses advertise with all that hype and "make a million $$ by tomorrow" mentality, whereas the correct expression describing these businesses is indeed "earn extra money" - all successful online marketers I know did not give up their day job before 3-5 years.

Need to earn extra money? - Work extra hours!

Another problem is the advertised minimal amount of work required to earn extra money: "Earn money while you sleep!"

This is unethical! There is no honest quick money, my friend! You must LEARN and WORK to EARN! If you cannot spare 3-4 hours daily, what do you expect? To earn money growing on some tree?

By the way, I am NOT using leads, nor do I promote them. I am systematically discouraging my people from spending any money on leads because like in any business, the biggest mistake is to invest in an area you don't know. But I am expecting you to study the methods and your materials and WORK!

Things don't turn up in this world until somebody
turns them up.               (James A. Garfield)

See, Alex, you absolutely have to love what you're doing in order to be in business. You absolutely have to love wanting to BE self-employed rather than just the idea of "getting out of the rat race"

I equate it to the people who are in love with the idea of the pomp and circumstance of the wedding event but have no clue as to how to create a long-lasting happy marriage.

Marriage is like business ~ you have to work hard
to keep it going. (Author unknown)

By the way, you have clearly identified the reasons you have failed - you did not commit to sacrifice the adequate time needed to build your business.

If you have no time to spare we'll say good-bye - I wish you the best in anything you endeavor. If you have time, stay with me... you can learn a lot... including advanced methods on how to promote ANY product on the Net. ~ Marca


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