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work at home or get rich quick?
Work at home <- -> Get rich quick

Work at home or get rich quick?

That is the question read...

Whether this sounds primarily humoristic, or if the graphic above clearly incites you to visit... another website in the event you choose to get rich quick rather than to work at home, let's make a compromise: stay here if you intend learning how to become rich slow!

The human race has one really effective weapon,
and that is laughter. (Mark Twain)

The Truth about get rich quick schemes

The Internet is like an enormous bookstore. Scientific books, encyclopedias as well as fairy tales are on display. Now if you choose to buy a fairy tale and the beautiful prince or a fairy is not at your doorstep the next morning, the bookstore Not So is not to blame...

Truly, the Net is submerged by a jostling crowd of happy riches fighting for who will reveal get-rich-quick secrets first. Seems like the word "secret" needs to be re-defined! Here's a first try: The $ecret here is hard work ... You don't like it??

OK, OK. Stick to the initial meaning but please put yourself in the shoes of a true millionaire. That's better - I know you like that. Indeed, there's a secret for your success whether it's a patent, or a recipe, a strategy, a raw material, a work at home program. You wouldn't share it with another 40,000,000 people at any price, would you? Never!

It is wise to disclose what cannot be concealed
(Johann Friedrich von Schiller)
Same with old Joe the baker at the street corner. He's now 70 and rumors say he's only recently revealed the recipe for his delicious cookies to his 40 year old son, baker too.

This website is NOT:

  • A display of testimonials by a few enthusiastic work at home millionaires.
  • A simple list of get rich quick opportunities.
  • A scam asking for a fee.
  • A promise that you will earn $1,500 next month.

Join in and we will:

  • Explain what working at home online really is and why it should rather be considered as a home based business.
  • Teach you how to work at home - how to develop your own home business and your own Internet personality.
  • Recommend the tools you need and what available freebies to take advantage of.
  • Help you get off the ground with the best online home business.
Read an interesting question on how to earn extra money or save time (!) and sign up.

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