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My own home based business

Hoping you have explored your account page at the SFI Resources, we will leave aside Billy's Lessons for a while because I know you would like to learn a few details regarding my own home based business.
This is Marca wanting to first make sure you completed Smart Start - with today's hectic schedules, such a detail could be easily overlooked. If you haven't, I would encourage you to do this as soon as your schedule permits. It's very important for a new affiliate's home based business.
Experience shows that success is due less to
ability than to zeal. The winner is he who gives
himself to his work, body and soul.(Charles Buxton)
SmartStart completion and knowledge of your SFI account tools are the first steps towards building a successful home based business with SFI. I've been there before you so I know! sailor I have acquired a lot of knowledge and experience that I intend to pass on to you to help you get off to a good start with your own home based business. Being your Team Leader I am directly interested in your success. So grab the opportunity!
Well, I joined with SFI in September 2001 and on January 27, 2002 I was a Team Leader. From then on my income grew larger every month and I finished the year on an excellent Scoreboard position. sailor
In Christmas 2002, blind with my own success but also too busy with the holiday season which coincides with my eldest son's birthday and my youngest son's nameday (celebrated here according to the custom) I made a monumental mistake. Gery Carson announced on Christmas Eve to TLs first, what the new year's enhancements would be. One of them was the introduction of the IAHBE (International Association of Home Based Business Entrepreneurs) and the free leads offered therein. I misinterpreted his message and thought that the leads would be provided with their email addresses. So I spent 2 weeks creating auto-responders for ALL my EAs with a collection of more than 15 letters each and offered them as a...Christmas present! To discover soon that this was in reality a "non-present" since only the leads' home addresses were provided. sailor Ashamed of myself, I decided to correct my mistake and offer my teammates a real present copying what my mentor Johan Agren was doing - a true personal website for each of my teammates' home based business, free of charge!
Of course that was no easy thing to do, given my inexperience and lack of knowledge, but I had the virus in me right from the start. Just a couple months after I joined I started dreaming of a personal site. 6 months after my registration I downloaded an SFI template on the Resource Center but I had no idea how to move on.
To cut a story short, with Elmarc's help (one of our best Sfidboard moderators) I made my first attempts, learned some html basics and succeeded in finalizing my first creation which was mainly based on that template. Then I learned how to make pages for my EAs and got REALLY excited. Having reached a satisfactory monthly residual and leveraged income I took the great decision of concentrating on website building. Indeed, it was a critical decision because I would need to devote many hours (weeks - months actually) to the detriment of my work at home based business. But it was worth the trouble, I don't regret, this is a whole new world in front of me, in the wave of the future.
It's also very rewarding, you know, because in my starting steps I was just a "certified illiterate": hardly knew how to cut and paste on my computer! When I finished reading most of the materials, I got invaluable help on our Discussion board (Sfidboard) from older affiliates. See, the amazing SFI Compensation system makes all of us be interested in each one's success. In fact, we are earning money on each other's efforts!
To get back to my story, I spent the second year learning how to build sites and how to promote them with free methods. Although I put aside a lot of my promotional campaigns (difficult to do everything at the same time) I succeeded in getting listed on the 2003 end of the year Scoreboard results again (position #44).
Let's see now if you should try to make your own website at this early stage.
Visitors (not registered with SFI) may want to join in here.

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