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Assuming you have already completed my introductory training (ending with the chapter on flyers), you may have read a great deal about "Getting EA" (Executive Affiliate) in the SFI materials. You should now be starting to understand just how important these words are.
If you got EA already, please write me including your SFI ID number and ask for your private website!
But if you haven't, as your Team Leader, it is my recommendation that you become EA today. Don't wait - it's the next important step toward financial independence. If you're wondering if I took this important step myself, Yes, I certainly did by creating an IAHBE standing order immediately after I registered with SFI. That was in September 2001 and by Jan. 27 I was a Team Leader. However, in those days, we could not get TL in a very short time. We were not allowed to purchase products and resell them, that is.
Come on join with the SFI family!
Only by becoming EA can you enjoy of all the streams of income available. I strongly recommend IAHBE as the cheapest SFI product giving you the required 10 sales volume points (svp). IAHBE is useful for your business too.
To remain EA requires that an affiliate personally either:
1) sell retail (to someone not in SFI) or
2) purchase 10 SVP or more of SFI's products and/or services every month, no matter what that affiliate's sales team does or how much SVP the affiliate earns in any one month.
A standing order monthly membership to the International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs (IAHBE) private website is an excellent way to begin with SFI because, very inexpensively, it gives you:
#1 Monthly MONEYPAK-a full-featured CD and booklet resource mailed to you each month (International affiliates must pay shipping charges) and also posted on a password-protected Web page. Packed with timely, exclusive articles, audio seminars, and special reports from world-recognized experts in the marketing and home-business arena, each MoneyPak also comes with a slew of monthly freebies and special offers worth hundreds of dollars!
#2 Access to the IAHBE Website-Get business-building tools, free book and magazine of the month, access to free leads, Thought of the Day, exclusive offers from marketing experts around the world, and more!
#3 Exclusive home-business book reviews e-mailed to you monthly.
#4 Monthly summaries of the best home-business building tools available online.
#5 Insights and advice from some of the biggest home-business experts in the world--e-mailed straight to your inbox every week. NOTE: You won't find this information anywhere else!
#6 Access to the Member Services Directory for great specials, deals, and offers available only to IAHBE members.
#7 Much, much more!
Visitors (not registered with SFI) may want to join in here.

First steps

 #1 - Starting a home business with SFI.
 #2 - Your SFI Gateways and how to make sure you get your mail.
 #3 - Welcome to SFI, by affiliate Billy Martin.
 #4 - Billy's course for SFI affiliates.
 #5 - Completing Smart Start, by Billy Martin.
 #6 - The Account Page in the resources site.
 #7 - Billy about commissions and the Contact Manager.
 #8 - Historical data about my home based business.
 #9 - You can make your own website in the near future.
#10 - Do some offline advertising while learning Online Marketing.
#11 - Outdoor advertising for online beginners.
#12 - Marca on: Offline Advertising.
#13 - Flyers - how to use them and MissEllen's flyer.
#14 - Getting EA.

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