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Links & Resources

Here below is a list of important SFI links and resources for you to have them readily available when your affiliates start asking questions. I really hope you take the time to at least click on each one and take a brief look. You can always come back later now that you have this list.
Before I get into the list of links I want to showcase one of the free resources that affiliates were receiving in the past as a Newsletter, the Internet Income Course. It is now at the Sfimg.com website but you can only access with your ID and password. Once you’re in, click on “Training”. This is an excellent course that covers everything from how do avoid SPAMMING, to creating meta tags for your website. I really would like to see you take a look through this course and spend some time learning about all that it has to offer.
Alright now we'll get into the list of URLs. I'm not going to do much talking or explaining but that doesn't mean you don't need to pay attention. Once you start using all of the methods I've given you to advertise you will start bringing in Affiliates, and they will want to know where things are located. It will be up to you to guide them in the right direction.

(MARCA'S NOTE: I deleted most of the links provided by Billy because they are not accessible anymore without entering an ID and password. Hence, you will please need to enter and navigate the Sfimg.com site by yourself. However, there are still a few links directly accessible, and these are the ones that I’ve kept on the list.
With this list the Billy Martin series – that we were receiving as a newsletter many years ago – are over. The training continues with my own experiences and ideas on the next page.
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These links will all become important to you at one point or another in your SFI business building journey. Take the time to learn the rules and policies, discover what products you are selling, read the articles, and use the resources.
It is funny about life: if you refuse to accept
anything but the very best you will very often
get it. (W. Somerset Maugham)


Main menu

  1 - MIQ - and now what's next?
  2 - So, what have we learned so far?
  3 - To buy or not to buy?
  4 - Generated leads.
  5 - Experience with Eagles
  6 - Avoid buying leads but if you must..
  7 - Writing ad copy
  8 - Leaders are Readers.
  9 - Effective Netwriting is something that A-N-Y-O-N-E can accomplish.
10 - Words sell, not glitter and whirl.
11 - What is my MOST WANTED RESPONSE when a visitor comes to my site?
12 - Advertising through the use of free classifieds.
13 - Where to place your ads and keycodes.
14 - Enough resources to keep you busy for weeks.
15 - Free classifieds - my version.
16 - The worst thread I could possibly find.
17 - Finding sites to submit your ads to
18 - Avoid using submitters
19 - The Adwizard and instructions manual.
20 - Johan's post on the D-board.
21 - Do SFIers need a private website?
22 - Ezines
23 - How to find great ezines and negotiate price.
24 - Motivational triggers that make people buy.
25 - You cannot add a banner to your gateway.
26 - Get a banner on a website.
27 - How to post impressions of a banner.
28 - What are PPC search engines and how do they stack up against the paid search engines?
29 - Types of paid placements.
30 - Select good PPC, pick good keywords.
31 - How to bid.
32 - Adwords - Maximizing Your Clickthroughs
33 - Links & Resources
34 - More on PPC
35 - Recommendations in using PPC

Training help for MIQ SFIers

Intermediate B33
by Billy Martin

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