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Select good PPC, pick good keywords

Having discussed on what PPC search engines are, let's talk now about how to find good PPC search engines. Finding good PPC search engines is really a no-brainer. The ultimate site for PPC search engines is http://www.payperclicksearchengines.com. Currently, they list the top PPC search engines on the internet. They break it down even further and list the TOP 10 with a ratings article written on each one.
How to pick good keywords is the most critical element in correctly utilizing a pay per click search engine and it's crucial that you get it right. The more relevant keywords you can find - and the emphasis here is on 'relevant' - the more successful you will be.
Remember, you are paying for every visit. Make sure that every visitor you attract finds what they are looking for at your site. In other words, if you are bidding on keywords for your SFI business use words like business opportunity, MLM, etc. It's what the surfer is looking for and it's what they are expecting to find at your site. It follows that if you supplied what they are looking for, there is a very good chance that they will become a customer.
Let's say, on the other hand, the surfer is searching for 'Business'. If you have made a bid on that term which results in him visiting your site, he will almost certainly leave immediately, because you aren't offering what he is looking for. That is a rather broad category to be trying to attract people to. You will have paid for the click but won't have benefited from the visit.
Don't make the mistake of thinking that because they want to find information about business that they must be interested in a home business and will therefore be interested in joining your Affiliate program. They want to find business info - if they were looking for a site to join an affiliate program or start a home business, they would have entered that as their search.
There are a number of tools you can use to help find the keywords to bid on:
- WordTracker
Type your keyword into the form and submit. You will be returned a list of the top 100 searches made the previous month that incorporated your search term. Results display the total number of searches made for each word or phrase and are ranked in order of popularity.
- SpellWeb Keyword Comparison
Type two variations of a keyword into the form. This can either be two different spellings, (like 'e-zine' and 'ezine' for example), or a correct spelling and a common misspelling (e.g. 'business' and 'bussiness'), or two different words with similar meanings (e.g. 'money' and 'cash'). Click on the button for the engine you wish to check and you will be told the number of times each word is used.
- Good Keywords


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