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Adwords - Maximizing Your Clickthroughs

I'm going to wrap up this final section by sharing with you a page from the Google experts called: Understanding your Keyword Planner statistics and traffic estimates.
Want More Traffic? Traffic from Adwords is highly targeted (and provides advertisers with a high conversion rate to sale) because users self-qualify themselves by actively searching on keywords and the advertisers are able to write their own site descriptions so users know exactly what to expect when they clickthrough. You can drastically increase traffic to your site if you optimise your account. Follow the tips and you can start receiving more traffic in no time!

Bid on relevant search terms

Relevancy is our "golden rule." It's good for our advertisers, because you're guaranteed "targeted traffic," and it's good for our consumers, because they find what they're looking for quickly and easily. Relevance means that the search term, search listing (titles and descriptions) and the content of your site all have to be relevant to one another. We define relevance as a site containing real, apparent content that specifically relates to its search terms. The search terms you request should reflect what consumers will find on your site, and your titles and descriptions should communicate to them why your site is a good match for their search.
For example: Just because you have a picture of a panda on your site doesn't make your site relevant to the search term "panda." In order to be relevant, you would need to have information about pandas on your site. You should also know that our editors look only at the content on your own site. If you want to bid on search terms for a site you link to, we would look at the text you use to describe the link to determine its relevancy. So, for instance, if you link to a bookstore that has books by Mark Twain, and your link is labelled "Click Here for Books By Mark Twain", we would accept the search term "mark twain." Contact us if you need further clarification on this point.

Make your description... descriptive!

Write your descriptions so that people know what they would find if they clicked through to your site. For example, if your search term was 'christmas', you might have a description that reads something like, "Visit MyHolidayStore.com for everything you need this Christmas season! You'll find gift ideas, links to the best stores, recipes, crafts and kids' games for the holidays. Visit us today!" Letting searchers know exactly what your site offers, and mentioning your search term increases your potential to get clickthroughs.
Choose a range of search terms (both broad and narrow) that are relevant to your site. You want to make sure your site is seen by the group of people who are most interested in what you're offering, so choose a variety of relevant terms. But, be careful - don't go too broad or you may choose a search term that isn't relevant to your site (for example, we don't consider the broad search term 'travel' relevant to your site if it promotes only a single resort hotel in Santa Fe, New Mexico). Likewise, don't choose only very narrow terms - people might miss your listing. If you sell sump pumps in Boise, Idaho, "boise idaho sump pumps" would be perfect, but folks who do not live in the Boise area and want sump pumps may just type in "sump pumps". So, in this example, you may also wish to bid on "sump pumps" and other slightly broader search terms.
Submit the URL that links consumers to the correct page. Whenever possible, point consumers to the specific page on your site that has the information they request. This means submitting the best URL for each search term you select. In some cases, our editors may decide that a search term is not relevant to your site if the URL does not point to the appropriate page.
I encourage each of you to take a step into the world of Pay-Per click search engines and discover all that they have to offer.
Thanks for allowing me to share with you yet again. Once again I'm going to give you some time off to go back over everything we've covered up to this point, study, re-read and see what new bits of knowledge you can pick up that you didn't catch the first time. We are next going to discuss the Internet Income Course that is free and available to all SFI affiliates. I'm also going to provide you with a list of important SFI URLs so you can have them in a handy reference.
Don't forget to study hard. REMEMBER, LEADERS ARE READERS. Each and every one of you either is, or will be a leader soon.


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