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The Adwizard

Back to our free classifieds:
Start submitting your ads to the sites you have found on SE and keep a record of your submissions on an Excel sheet. May I repeat, you should keycode them. Make it a rule to be placing X ads per day, get your feet wet, train yourself. Remember, you must be placing many ads a day to get results.
When you feel comfortable, then and only then, download this fantastic tool called Adwizard.
When you are trained, you can place 100 ads in one hour. Don't get discouraged in your starting steps: I needed 15 minutes to place ONE ad when I started!
Whereas you should visit the above threads to get more information on specific questions, here are the general instructions by Elmarc:


This part you do only once: right click the entry in "Groups", select "Add new group", type a name such as SFI or Site to use. This is where you should place sites that work for you. More on this below.
At each ad site's entry form, you should fill in the form manually to be sure you understand what is needed to be entered. Don't submit your ad yet. Don't press Enter. Do tab from box to box and count the tab keystrokes needed.
Copy the entry form's url from your browser's address bar into the AdWizard "Web site:" box. Select the number of days until you need to resubmit your ad based on what the site tells you. You can adjust this later if you find the original setting gets changed or doesn't work for you.
Put any helpful hints in the "Rules & Comments:" box. Good stuff to include is things like a site that requires you to slow down typing (most don't), what box to start in, what categories to use, ad price, etc.
If you have information that will be repeated at more than one site, click the "Variables" tab. Typical repeat information is your name, email address, keywords list, personal web site address, Zip code, ad titles and ad text.
Illustrating repeat information, to have your name available, click the New button and enter name in the pop-up box. Click OK, then replace the word Undefined with your name. Repeat for anything esle that will be used often. You can add to this list anytime you need to.
Now return to the "Entries" tab. Right click the "Type" button and an entry box will open. Here's where you bring it all together.
Referring to the filled out form, type exactly what you typed into the form, including the tabs. Any information you have in the variable (repeat information) can be automatically entered by selecting its variable name form the drop-down list. You can also cut and paste for speed and accuracy. Once you have all that entered, click the "Done" button at the bottom of the entry box.
Now test it all by clicking the "Goto" button, then placing the mouse cursor in the first entry box of the ad site. When the cursor is flashing (some call it bouncing) in the box, click the "type" button, which should be green.
If all is right, your ad should fill itself in, but not submit itself. Proofread what just got typed in. If you need to make changes, right click the "type" button and make any corrections you need, then click the "Done" button at the bottom of the entry box. Recheck the process (from the Goto button onward) for accuracy if you made a change.
Now, right click the "type" button and put the mouse cursor at the end of the text in the "type" box and press Enter. Click the "done" button. The next time you come to the site and click the "type" button, your ad should type in and submit itself. Test it, and if all works, click the "done" button. The alarm clock will change to a green check mark.
Right click on the site entry in the "Submissions"" box and select "Groups". Click the name of the group where you will keep the useful sites.
Repeat for the next ad or site.
When you come back to post ads the next day, you only need to click the down arrow on "Groups" and the good sites will be in a tidy list. Just select each one that has an alarm clock, click "Goto", position the cursor and click "type". Then click "Done" when your ad is entered. The Next button will take you to the next ad that is due for submission.


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