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To Buy or Not to Buy

To buy or not to buy leads?
That is the question often asked by my EA affiliates (formerly named MIQ = multi income qualified), that I love answering with a short story:
Assume you win a new car in a lottery game. You were not really expecting this, so you don't know how to drive. You definitely want to see it moving though, with yourself inside, of course. So what do you do?
In my country, you should spend at least a month learning how to drive and a week or so to get an exam date. Most of the folks don't pass it the first time so I would say give it 2 months.
But you are desperate! You just want to go with YOUR car for a drive. A good idea would be to ask your brother to drive it for you. But how many times will he do that. 3-4 at the most.
Chances are you don't even have a brother. There's GOT to be another solution!
So you HIRE a driver! Yep, now you know you'll be able to go with YOUR car wherever you want every day. What a relief. You are really enjoying your car now while learning how to drive.
The end of the month comes and your driver is politely asking for his salary. Didn't you know you would have to pay him a salary? Yes, of course, but you avoided thinking about it. You are not a rich person, otherwise you would own a car already. This is getting pretty expensive, but never mind, in 15 days you'll get your license.
2 weeks later your driver brings in a very large bill to pay. Now what's this. Twas not in your agreement. 1,500 miles in 1½ month! Fuel bills, servicing bills.. You start getting suspicious. This guy must have been using YOUR car in his time off. He may even have been earning money with YOUR car!
How helpless you now feel. Having spent a fortune while you could have patiently waited to learn how to drive...
Let’s get on with:
1) What the “Car” is
2) Who your “Brother” is
3) Who the “Driver” is
4) What the “Bills” are
5) How to get your Car moving


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28 - What are PPC search engines and how do they stack up against the paid search engines?
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31 - How to bid.
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