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Enough resources to keep you busy for weeks

So long as you are an SFI affiliate and HAVE COMPLETED SMART START, you may begin using key codes immediately. Some of the common SFI corporate keycodes you may see in your genealogy (include: 1100 = Eagle Co-op, 1200 = No Referrer, 1226 = "Orphan" generated by an opted-out affiliate).
Some of you are probably asking me, "Billy, I simply don't have time to post 100 ads a day by hand. How can I do this faster?" This is an excellent question. So what I did was use the search engine HotBot to look up "FREE Classified Ad Submission software" and I came up with thousands of links, but I only listed these for you. You might try using a different search engine, or different words. I don't endorse any of these sites, nor do I know what results you'll get from any of these services or programs. As I said, I just spent a couple hours doing the research finding them. I haven't used them and I don't provide any support for ANY of these programs.
Ok, if you've spent time going through even half of these websites I think that is more than enough resources to keep you busy for a while.
In a related topic, how many of you are familiar with the SFI D-Board? If not, you need to go there and register free.
The SFI forum has THOUSANDS of affiliates and leaders in the SFI system all helping each other with common problems, answering questions, and disbursing the latest SFI news. The reason I point this out right now is because there is a section of the DBoard called "Marketing/Lead Generation" where you will find questions and answers by affiliates before you that have tried out many of the programs I have listed above. Before you pay for any of the programs above try to go to the DBoard first and see what others' results have been.
You can also go to the SFI DBoard Resource Center at: www.sfiteam.com to find other software to help you with classified submission.
That's it for this Getting Started Course. I hope you are slowly starting to see how things work around here, and that you are feeling more comfortable with SFI, the Internet, computers and internet advertising. It will take time, but each of you can be pros in the near future.
For those of you that will be using the techniques discussed today we will be moving on to other lessons, but I still want you to come back and visit this course so that you can utilize all of the resources found here. For those of you that are ready to move on to new ideas, next time we will be discussing the use of Ezines. How to find good ezines, how to get tons of free advertising in ezines, and much more.


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  1 - MIQ - and now what's next?
  2 - So, what have we learned so far?
  3 - To buy or not to buy?
  4 - Generated leads.
  5 - Experience with Eagles
  6 - Avoid buying leads but if you must..
  7 - Writing ad copy
  8 - Leaders are Readers.
  9 - Effective Netwriting is something that A-N-Y-O-N-E can accomplish.
10 - Words sell, not glitter and whirl.
11 - What is my MOST WANTED RESPONSE when a visitor comes to my site?
12 - Advertising through the use of free classifieds.
13 - Where to place your ads and keycodes.
14 - Enough resources to keep you busy for weeks.
15 - Free classifieds - my version.
16 - The worst thread I could possibly find.
17 - Finding sites to submit your ads to
18 - Avoid using submitters
19 - The Adwizard and instructions manual.
20 - Johan's post on the D-board.
21 - Do SFIers need a private website?
22 - Ezines
23 - How to find great ezines and negotiate price.
24 - Motivational triggers that make people buy.
25 - You cannot add a banner to your gateway.
26 - Get a banner on a website.
27 - How to post impressions of a banner.
28 - What are PPC search engines and how do they stack up against the paid search engines?
29 - Types of paid placements.
30 - Select good PPC, pick good keywords.
31 - How to bid.
32 - Adwords - Maximizing Your Clickthroughs
33 - Links & Resources
34 - More on PPC
35 - Recommendations in using PPC

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