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Writing ad copy

It's a fact that the ad headline is 80% of the power behind the ad. In fact just changing a headline, with the EXACT same ad, has been known to greatly increase, even double or triple, ad response. That is what Bill Alland (Bralland on the board) wrote in one of the Sfidboard threads.
Remember the people you contact are interested in one thing... themselves. They want to know how what you're offering will benefit them. It's “Me, Myself, and I Incorporated”... from the prospect's viewpoint. They will ask: "What's in it for me?"
There are different strategies and trends in copywriting and in creating ads, titles and descriptions. Marketing has become a “science”, taught in universities. Many marketers like using the word “you” in the ad as often as possible and I’m noticing advertisements are more humor-oriented than ever before, at least in my area. Furthermore, ads containing a question are doing very well too. For example, “Does financial freedom interest you?”
1) Make sure the average readers can easily understand your ad – put yourself in their shoes. Can you easily understand what the ad is about?
2) Avoid talking about yourself - readers don't care what you like, what you did or what you think. Always remember, they’re only interested in one thing... themselves. They want to know how what you're offering will benefit them!
3) Short sentences are easier to read and comprehend than long sentences. Read back through your copy. If you find a sentence that has more than 15 - 20 words, find a way to break it down into two sentences or start a new paragraph.
4) Use simple and easy words. If you use complex words, you will either annoy or completely lose your reader. You need to grab their attention in the first few lines.
5) Get to the point and don't use words that aren't needed. Provide specific and concrete information in a clear and straightforward manner. Remember, your readers' attention span is short and they are usually in a hurry.
6) Next to the headline, the first paragraph of your ad copy is the most important text in your work. The first paragraph, better known as the "lead" paragraph, is what draws in the reader.

Your SFI ads

If you’re a beginner, PLEASE use ONLY SFI pre-approved ads that you can find in the Resources at the Sfimg.com site.
If you’re a PTL, please note the following restrictions:
1) Do not advertise untruthfully
2) Advertise in a professional manner
3) Do not link to vulgar or indiscrete websites
4) Promote SFI Marketing Group
5) Do not make statements that insinuate a guarantee of income
Although not necessary you may want to read about my own experiences in copywriting.


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