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Experience with Eagles

Do you believe a marketing company (ANY company) would ever sell anything for nothing? No, you are not naive. NO ONE will provide leads without making a profit. Whether the leads come from lead generating companies, or opt-in lists, safelists, Co-ops etc. it doesn't really matter. What matters is that you are getting low quality leads ALWAYS whereas you could recruit your own, targeted ones at a much lower cost. We’ll see how.
When you learn how to promote SFI and its products online you'll be attracting people who are LOOKING for an opportunity NOW. Leads “generated” by those companies are usually people who have signed up a while ago, for another free service. They were so to say “forced” into listing their interests and agreed to be receiving offers in exchange to this free service. Most of them don't even remember having ever signed up for anything!
Let me elaborate a little more. MY people sometimes buy a product before I have even taken their names into my excel list. Meaning they are often so motivated that I don't need to follow up on them a lot. Needless to say that I have a high MIQ/affiliate ratio. Last but not least, I'm not getting frustrated! On the contrary, if you buy leads, you'll face long lists of people doing nothing, even after they double opt-in.
I will not hide from you that I bought a bunch of leads from another company in January 2002. Open your eyes wide: $175 for 7,000 leads! NOT ONE of them ever replied. Fortunately, I didn't enter them into my list. I would get desperate, having to search for my good targeted affiliates amongst another 7,000 useless ones. At that time double opt-in was not yet introduced but I hear that even now, double opt-in purchased leads have a very low MIQ ratio.
In February 2002, I had started getting good results (remember, I became a Team Leader on Jan. 27, 2002) but I needed a first-hand evaluation to be able to discuss Eagles with my affiliates. I ordered them in March and got them late April. At that time my follow up campaign was almost ready. On the board I was reading some very bad comments about Eagles (by inexperienced affiliates) and some better ones by older affiliates. I was therefore prepared.
I got 3 shares (45 affiliates with the old system, before double opt-in) and got only one MIQ out of them. I believe that if I had bought them as a “newbie” no one of them would MIQ and I would be distressed.
See what I mean? Furthermore I am convinced that Eagles are of better quality than all the “generated” leads offered here and there because they are more expensive.
Here's the proof: I'm an Eagle myself!
Go to your Account at the Sfimg.com site and scroll down to the “SFI Resources”, then down to the “Status Checker” link. Put my ID # (3335264) into the box and click “enter”. My details will come out and my keycode “1100” which is the Eagles keycode. Meaning my Sponsor bought Eagles with my Highness included. Do you know how I was included in this list? I typed “work from home” on my MSN bar and that's how I found SFI. I was NOT bought as a “lead” from a company, that is. I clicked on a real ad which I found on a Search Engine, submitted by Eagle. However, few Eagles are targeted, unfortunately. I consider myself as the exception to the rule.

Other companies

Regarding companies selling leads: Some of you have stumbled across a few and asked me to comment. Again, I will never stress this enough: You get what you pay for and these people must get paid. Some of them are charging a monthly fee and promise to be providing an X number of leads. Very few are honest enough to include this detail that I found on the website of one of the most important lead generating companies. I quote: “What XXX will do for you is make it easy to enroll quality people in your downline hands-free. If you want to spend some time and take your business to the next level then the XXX has an advanced program which includes all the training you need. You advance through the program at your own speed and you can even purchase additional leads from XXXXXX”.
“Hands free”, my friends, but the truth is that you usually MUST purchase additional leads because the ones you already got were useless!
EVEN WORSE YOU REST ASSURED YOU'LL BE GETTING LEADS HANDS FREE AND NEGLECT EDUCATING YOURSELF and learning how to get your prospects at a MUCH lower price, even totally FREE by placing free classified ads like me. In that sense those leads are DISASTROUS!
On to SFI!


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