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Johan's post on the D-board

Johan's thread was my source of inspiration and my guide in my starting steps. Back then I wasn't certain whether I was on the right track. I even doubted the SFI forum authenticity..
Initially, the thread caught my attention because its title included a major grammar mistake of the type Scandinavian people are often making (it's been corrected now, by Elmarc).
The title was "Free Classified ads (still) works" with an “s” at the end of the verb. Two Swedish friends, in Paris, were both making this mistake of using the verb in the plural form.
Johan's post really pushed me forward. Yes, it was definitely written by a Swede, full of minor mistakes that I enjoyed spotting out and I was thinking, if a Swede can make it, why wouldn't I??
Much later on, Johan created his "Small Guide to Free Advertising" and with this one, I'm finished with what I had to tell you about free classified ads.
Johan suggests you create a website of your own. Not that this is wrong, of course, but Johan omits to describe what this is really useful for and how to promote your own website. Now that I have a lot of experience I assure you this is not necessary when you’re a beginner. It will be useful when you decide to submit to the major Search Engines' (SE) main sites. As this is time consuming, you may consider starting in your spare time only, by downloading a SFI template and playing with it, just like I did. If you make it your first priority, you will get frustrated and disappointed.
You will anyway get a free website from me when you are MIQ!
The truth is that you need to learn about all the other online marketing methods before engaging in site building. It is the experience gained that will help you build your site’s content in the future. A site of your own must have rich content, which you will find only by working a few months and reading all you can on the SFI website. Get your own experiences that you can put on your website. Note that you should not copy and paste somebody else’s article into your website – not only can you get accused by the owner but you’ll end up owning a “similar to:” website, easily recognized as a copy by the SE. Even I myself can spot out a “similar to:” website, if you’re interested in learning (and if you’re MIQ), let me know!


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