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Netwriting Masters

I was saying that once you have been through the SFI reading materials, you will eventually find attractive words and phrases to build successful ads with. I also recommended you use the SFI pre-approved ads and read Ken Evoy's "Make your Words Sell" in "Make your Site Sell", a very important tool to most network marketers!
Enjoy Ken's Netwriting Masters - an intensive 5-Day e-mail course on how to write sales-clinching copy on the Net.
Here's the first course, by Ken Evoy, MD:
"Success on the Web is directly under your control. It all boils down to three "DO-able" steps...
1) develop a great *PRODUCT*.
2) write a *SITE THAT SELLS* with deadly effectiveness.
3) attract *TARGETED TRAFFIC* (customers) to your site.
There are simply no other variables to blindside your goal. If you succeed at all three steps, your Net venture will prosper. No, it must prosper.
BUT, here's the catch...
You have to succeed at *ALL* three.
Over this course, we will focus on Step 2... how to write a Web site that SELLS!
In fact, we'll go beyond that and look at *ALL* your online words, including e-mails, auto-responders, newsletters, ads. Basically, we'll cover every point at which you communicate with your target market.
Before we start, however, it's critical for you to understand and BELIEVE the following...

Effective Netwriting is something that
A-N-Y-O-N-E can accomplish

Formal writing training is not necessary. You just need an easy-to-follow method and a few proven tools to write words that sell on the Web.
Make Your Words Sell! (MYWS!) shows this - clearly, efficiently, without any hype. There's nothing magical or complicated about it, no special "genetic gift" required...
... it's the simple but powerful art of e-persuasion.
The right words on your Web site turn a visitor into a customer. Your copy effectively persuades visitors that your product or service is exactly what they want -- so they buy it! The wrong words, on the other hand, drive those surfers to your competitor, never to return.
Not quite convinced that words play such an important role in your online business? Try this quick experiment.
I have set up a great example of this experiment for you right at the top of the MYWS! home page...
Go to any sales-oriented Web site. Imagine that site without any graphics, banners or animation. Could it sell?
Now try blotting out the words instead. Could it sell?
Obvious, right?
Words provide information. Information is what your prospective customer uses to decide whether to purchase or not. The "look-and-feel" of the presentation enhances, but it doesn't count in the final buying decision. *BAD* look-and-feel can lose the sale, but *GOOD* look-and-feel won't make the sale either.
Why then do some companies spend so much time and money on graphics and technology? And so little on words?


Main menu

  1 - MIQ - and now what's next?
  2 - So, what have we learned so far?
  3 - To buy or not to buy?
  4 - Generated leads.
  5 - Experience with Eagles
  6 - Avoid buying leads but if you must..
  7 - Writing ad copy
  8 - Leaders are Readers.
  9 - Effective Netwriting is something that A-N-Y-O-N-E can accomplish.
10 - Words sell, not glitter and whirl.
11 - What is my MOST WANTED RESPONSE when a visitor comes to my site?
12 - Advertising through the use of free classifieds.
13 - Where to place your ads and keycodes.
14 - Enough resources to keep you busy for weeks.
15 - Free classifieds - my version.
16 - The worst thread I could possibly find.
17 - Finding sites to submit your ads to
18 - Avoid using submitters
19 - The Adwizard and instructions manual.
20 - Johan's post on the D-board.
21 - Do SFIers need a private website?
22 - Ezines
23 - How to find great ezines and negotiate price.
24 - Motivational triggers that make people buy.
25 - You cannot add a banner to your gateway.
26 - Get a banner on a website.
27 - How to post impressions of a banner.
28 - What are PPC search engines and how do they stack up against the paid search engines?
29 - Types of paid placements.
30 - Select good PPC, pick good keywords.
31 - How to bid.
32 - Adwords - Maximizing Your Clickthroughs
33 - Links & Resources
34 - More on PPC
35 - Recommendations in using PPC

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Netwriting Masters by Ken Evoy

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