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Words sell, not glitter and whirl

And that brings us back to our original route to online success. The three steps (PRODUCT, SITE-SELLING, TRAFFIC-BUILDING) are inter-dependent... A poor product will not sell (or at least not for very long.) And some products are just not cut out for the Web. Even professional-looking copy will not change these two stark realities.
Attracting a targeted market is critical. People who do not have a specific interest or see value in your product will not take the time to really read or be persuaded by your text, no matter how great it is.
Bottom line? PRODUCT, SITE-SELLING, TRAFFIC-BUILDING are a working trio that can't be split. Each individual step is influenced by the other.
In this 5-day course, unfortunately, we won't have time to cover the full trio.
Our first book, Make Your Site Sell! (MYSS!), covers all three steps thoroughly. Generally accepted by almost every major Web marketing guru as the BIBLE of selling on the Net, this book, which costs less than US$20, is the only "must have" book on Net marketing...
MYWS! is the perfect enhancer to MYSS!, in a mission-critical area. MYSS! helps you...
  • brainstorm, evaluate and develop PRODUCTS that are sales-appropriate for the Web
  • build a SITE that sells. Some sections are devoted to copywriting. The major parts are devoted to getting all the "non-word" issues (usability, design, structure, navigation, etc.) perfect. MYWS! goes far more deeply into Netwriting, the single most important skill to create a site that sells.
  • attract targeted TRAFFIC in the most cost-and-time efficient way possible, no matter what your level of Net expertise.
If you're at all serious about selling ANYthing on the Net (hard goods, digital products, services, etc.), MYSS! is the foundation...
For the rest of this course, though, we'll concentrate on getting our Masters Degree in Netwriting, OK? :-)
So far, we've covered the "WHY" behind this Masters course. Now, let's outline the "WHAT."
The key to successful sales copy is more than stringing a few "power words" together, like this...
Sorry, there's no MAGIC FORMULA that will bring you amazing results. There's something better, though.
And here's the flip side of HYPE, which we also see so frequently...
"The Techno-Bauble is the result of 2 years of intensive research into dynamoptic research into the paradigm shift of the..." YAWN, YAWN, YAWN. Click.
Doesn't anyone know how to PERSUADE the way we do it in real life? With our spouses, friends, customers.
Simple, straightforward... no hype?
Your words have to guide your reader-cum-customer smoothly, easily and carefully to your order form. Nothing more, nothing less. You can't come "close" or "just about make it." "Close," as you know, only counts in grenades, horseshoes, and dancing.
You have to MAKE the sale. Yes, even if you're selling grenades, horseshoes, or dancing lessons.
So over the next four days, you will learn how to make your sales copy become your first salesperson... the smiling virtual body behind the counter or stationed in the aisle.


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  1 - MIQ - and now what's next?
  2 - So, what have we learned so far?
  3 - To buy or not to buy?
  4 - Generated leads.
  5 - Experience with Eagles
  6 - Avoid buying leads but if you must..
  7 - Writing ad copy
  8 - Leaders are Readers.
  9 - Effective Netwriting is something that A-N-Y-O-N-E can accomplish.
10 - Words sell, not glitter and whirl.
11 - What is my MOST WANTED RESPONSE when a visitor comes to my site?
12 - Advertising through the use of free classifieds.
13 - Where to place your ads and keycodes.
14 - Enough resources to keep you busy for weeks.
15 - Free classifieds - my version.
16 - The worst thread I could possibly find.
17 - Finding sites to submit your ads to
18 - Avoid using submitters
19 - The Adwizard and instructions manual.
20 - Johan's post on the D-board.
21 - Do SFIers need a private website?
22 - Ezines
23 - How to find great ezines and negotiate price.
24 - Motivational triggers that make people buy.
25 - You cannot add a banner to your gateway.
26 - Get a banner on a website.
27 - How to post impressions of a banner.
28 - What are PPC search engines and how do they stack up against the paid search engines?
29 - Types of paid placements.
30 - Select good PPC, pick good keywords.
31 - How to bid.
32 - Adwords - Maximizing Your Clickthroughs
33 - Links & Resources
34 - More on PPC
35 - Recommendations in using PPC

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