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More on PPC's

Billy Martin's Lesson on Pay per Click Search Engines is very informative and I suggest you review it when you feel ready to use this excellent way of recruiting affiliates. Indeed, PPC's are the best and least expensive way of getting targeted SFI prospects before you learn the last method of marketing online, which is getting listed on the major Search Engines' main sites with a content rich website of your own for free. You should know that all SFI Top Sellers that do not own a rich content private website use PPCs.
I won't get into the topics Billy has already discussed. I will only add my comments and my personal experiences. I would first like to elaborate on what bidding on top positions incurs.
When you place your ad on PPC top positions, not only do you pay a lot of money, but you also get a lot of “just looking” visitors. These visitors create “traffic” and some sign ups, of course. However the price you pay for these sign ups is too high, even if you are earning a large income. Let alone that experienced, old affiliates have learned how to bring costs down rather than to raise them up. I have often seen them on the board stating that as time goes by, earnings go up and costs go down. Same holds true for me too.

Comparing your ad to a shop

If your ad is a good one, you may place it towards the end of the page and still get some traffic at a much lower price. I could compare this traffic to a shop's visitors: The owner of a shop located on a central city avenue gets many visitors and probably makes a lot of sales. But he also pays a very high rent and many salaries. Unless he is a very experienced entrepreneur (and you personally still aren’t), he may never be able to get a decent R.O.I. (return on investment).
Now imagine your shop being located at the end of this central avenue. Traffic here is not as dense but your expenses are considerably lower. If you offer a good product and service, you may enjoy of a better R.O.I than your competitor located in the center of the market. SFI is the best home business, don’t doubt about that, so there only remains for you to present your business in an attractive way.
Furthermore, and this is the point I want to stress, the customer visiting your shop has already walked through the Avenue and did not find anything valuable to buy, so your place is the last one to visit. In our case, if your ad is a good one, he will join in with you.
It can also be, that your prospect is one of those people who like inspecting everything before they buy. Hence, he will have a look to the whole page and will see your ad, too. Again, if your ad is attractive, you'll get the prospect.
Haven't I stressed enough, in most of my letters, how important it is for you to study all the SFI materials, the Sfimg.com menu, the Sfidboard, the Newsletters, even some articles in the IAHBE? And to wait patiently till you get a decent overall picture? No, I haven't, let me repeat once more:
After some time of reading and practicing with free classified ads you will finally get able to create your own attractive (though not misleading) title and description that will direct your targeted prospects towards your sign up page at a good price.
Another way of keeping your cost down is to create a large collection of keywords, the largest possible. Among these keywords you will eventually find some that you don't need to bid high on. This can only be achieved by trial and error.


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