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Recommendations in using PPC

1) Just don't place your ads on top positions, period! Choose a handful of keywords to start with and place your ad on around the 20th position and wait 2-3 days to see how each keyword behaves. If you get no hits and wish to bid higher, move one or two positions up and wait again. Don't jump to top positions, you may lose a lot of money, I warn you! Again, patience is the key here (as always!).
2) Don't leave your bids “unattended”. Monitor them until you find out on what price you can leave them alone for the whole day and night. Your best customers will always be US and Canadian citizens. Hence, keep your ad alive during the time American people are busy and the rest of the world asleep or...half asleep! In this way, you avoid many lost hits by people who WILL sign up but will never upgrade!
3) Avoid using the word “job” in your keywords and if you do, bid very low on them. People who click on these keywords are usually looking for a salaried job, not for a home business. You'll pay for a lot of traffic, you'll get quite a few sign ups by people who usually quit soon.
4) The next thing I would like to talk about is keycoding. Don't expect to go very far without adding a keycode on your SFI url when you advertising on PPCs. This is of utmost importance for a beginner. Later on, when you gain experience, you will probably not need them anymore, because you will have learned how each keyword “behaves”. For example, I'm now only using my Sfinco site (no keycodes) but I know “by heart” how each keyword behaves!

Once more: get comfortable with free classifieds first!

Now, to those of you that have not used free classified ads yet: I recommend you start doing so in the way I described before, at least for a month consistently, every day (better 3 months) even if you don't see spectacular results. You must have noticed that I insist on this, not because I expect you to become Top Earners just by using this free method of advertising alone. I have mentioned before, that earning a great income through free classifieds is an extremely time consuming process. But I make this suggestion because I know it will help you switch to PPC's in a smooth way, if you don't want to spend much time on placing free ads.
Even more importantly, you’ll get used to submitting, editing, renewing etc, ways and methods identical to getting partners for your own website in the future.
I would also recommend you send me your ad title and description before you submit. I will correct it for you and even improve it perhaps. The idea that I might “steal” your text should not cross your mind. Firstly, I don't need it, secondly, I want to see YOU happy and wealthy and will do everything to protect your interests. Don't worry if my English is not as perfect as yours, the point is that I know which words and phrases are producing good results. I'm not implying I will create a title for you, but I can modify your creation where needed - optimize it.
For example, one of you sent me an ad containing wrong SFI info. This is very serious, guys, you should know by now that if you want to use your own ads, according to SFI policy, you should get them approved first. It's not difficult, just send them to me and you'll get them back soon.
Here's some more guidance:
With this chapter on PPCs we’re finished with the “intermediate” training this website offers. When you feel ready for your “Advanced Training”, please write to me. We will then discuss on how to get your website listed on top positions at the major search engines like Google, through the process known as “Search Engine Optimization”.


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