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Finding sites to submit your ads to

Let's see now how to go about finding sites to submit your ads to.
Let me please talk to you about my personal experience first:
Trying to figure out what would be the best way to find these sites, I typed “free classified ads” on my MSN search bar. Here's what came out: www.freeclassifiedads.com
I congratulated myself on having found the “best site” on the Net and started advertising there like crazy for more than two weeks. By the way, this is how I learned how to create and submit an ad: Find the correct category, fit the best possible words into the limited title space, submit, edit, renew my ad before it sinks in the dark, etc.
Please note that thousands of people had “discovered” this site before me and it's so crowded that the ads “sink” extremely quickly. I had to take them back to top positions 2-3 times a day! This is not the case with targeted sites, don't worry.
I found some more sites like this one and spent two months wasting my time...
Well, not absolutely! The experience was very valuable. Not only did I learn the ad submission process, but I realized that most of these free classified sites are created to mostly attract people who will eventually be looking at the other (paid) ads. I also made all the mistakes a newbie would do on these sites, where nobody was seeing my ad. I'm now very glad I started posting to the correct sites only when my ads were “polished” and when I had already acquired a respectable speed in placing them.
You may be wondering what is wrong with placing your ads on those “free classified” places. There are some people on the Sfidboard, even some moderators, who encourage you to look under freebie sections to place your ads. Better still, you may have found by yourself (that's my wishful thinking) that most people don't go to free sites when looking for a home business. When I was looking for free classified sites to place my ads, I had forgotten how I found SFI and only remembered later on.
I, like most people, did not type “free classified ads” on my search bar! I typed “work from home”! Other people type “home business”, “internet marketing”, etc etc. What did YOU type?? Or, what "keyword" did you click on?
That's what you should rather do in your search for the best sites to advertise to. Just go to any Directory or Search Engine and type these keywords! You'll find many of them.
NOT that it's wrong to be looking for "free classifieds" places. I got many affiliates this way. Furthermore, you will find a much larger number of sites under a "free classifieds" list. But as Billy Martin says, you'll need to be placing at least 100 ads a day to see results. Don't be afraid of this large number, when you learn the basic submission process you can also start using the best tool for quick submissions which is certainly the "Adwizard". If you get comfortable using the Adwizard, you can attack all the free classified sites on the net!


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