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So, what have we learned so far?

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So, what have we learned so far?
1. Becoming MIQ is the best way to earn that lucrative income you joined up for in the first place. And, more importantly, keep looking at it as an investment in your own business.
2. Advertise your website. Customers/Affiliates aren't going to just walk through the door and hand you their money, you have to earn their trust and supply them with valuable information, products and services.
3. Start your business out on the right foot. Be personal. Handshakes were the foundation for many a small business and your welcome letters, follow-up letters and encouragement letters are YOUR HANDSHAKE and should remain your signature.
4. Start out slowly. You're not going to learn this all in one day, a week or a month. Ask questions until there are no more questions to be asked.
5. Pass on your knowledge when it's your time to do so. Be a mentor. Don't be afraid about this - you'll get from me all the follow up you need.
6. Don't Give Up !!!! No, doesn't always mean no. It just means "Convince Me" that you have something I need.
I can never stress enough how important your "education" is. Learning how to get traffic to your website is a step by step process and you cannot jump "classes". It's like wanting to get a University degree without having attended high school. In my long experience, those who tried using more "advanced" techniques overlooking the simpler methods got disappointed soon.
Let me give you an example: I have only recently uploaded a rich content website on the net regarding nutritional supplements, which is the last step in promoting online. But I created it 2 years after I started, something impossible to achieve in early steps - no knowledge of what content to fill it with, nor of how to use various free online tools.
Hence, in my humble opinion, please start with step one, which is promoting offline. If you don't feel comfortable offline, proceed to the second step which is advertising to free sites. Getting affiliates on such sites is not so easy, but it helps you learn the business, which is more important at this stage. It also helps you get acquainted with copywriting – creating correct and attractive titles and descriptions (we will talk more on this later). Finally, please be aware that all beginners make big mistakes when starting with paid ads too soon. I personally had no other choice than sticking to free classified ads until I got my first MIQ. This was very good for my psychology and helped me stick to the freebies until I got my second MIQ. It was hard work, no wonder, but it paid back. Much later on I started using my SFI income to invest in some paid advertisements - slowly and carefully.
As for paid leads – arrghhh – I’m VERY much against them!


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25 - You cannot add a banner to your gateway.
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28 - What are PPC search engines and how do they stack up against the paid search engines?
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