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The worst thread I could possibly find

I was saying that making investments at this early stage may not only be very costly, since “newbies” still don't know how to invest and where. It can be depressing because you refrain from learning how to fly with your own wings and always depend on paid methods, or on other people to get your downline built. I would discourage you from spending money and advise you to try to stick to the free methods till you get your first MIQ's, like I did. Like so many others did before me. Stick to the free classifieds while reading, reading and reading at the same time.
I gave some serious thought on how to present the subject "Free Classifieds" to you. Should I write another essay? I'm not very good at it - I would end up boring you. There's SO much to say!
On the other hand (although none of you complained) I imagine some of you thinking: “OK, Marca, sure your method of sending us Sfidboard threads is a good one --> for YOU! You are probably selecting the best ones, the most positive ones! But what about US, newbies?!? We want to see the other side of the coin, too! Aren't there any negative threads??
Well of course there are! Otherwise this board wouldn't be a Treasure! You can find it all there - and it will be up to you to decide...
Just remember 2 important points:
1) Mentioned in SmartStart ~ You need to spend either Time, Money, or a little of both to be successful in this business. I say go for Time for at least 3 months or until you’ve placed a thousand free ads (NOT THROUGH A SUBMITTER PLEASE – NO SUBMITTERS PLEASE!!)
2) You got to Believe in what you're doing and be persistent. Persistence is the KEY and "It's All a Numbers Game"!
I will first try to make you BELIEVE in the frees. To wipe away any of your illusions or fears, I searched for the WORSE title I could possibly find on the subject, the most discouraging, negative, dreadful one!
We'll make a deal: You won't click on the thread link unless you promise me to go through ALL of it. I assure you that this is not a marketing game, it's about your enlightenment, you will only gain from reading what REAL people say.
Let's go!
http://www.sfidboard.com/showthread.php?threadid=20846 (Free classifieds is a waste of time!) by Cdy. Norma got really angry here! Give special attention to Creta's post.
Let's get positive from now on, although you have realized, I hope, that your planning should focus on “Working at Home”, not “Waiting at Home”!
I am sorry the above thread has been recently discontinued.


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