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Motivational triggers that make people buy

     1. People want to gain pleasure.
     2. People want to be popular.
     3. People want to be loved.
     4. People want to be comfortable.
     5. People want to live longer.
     6. People want to learn something new.
     7. People want to look better.
     8. People want to save time.
     9. People want to save money.
    10. People want to make more money.
Now, when you are writing your ad copy (making sure it's approved) you need to keep each one of these triggers in mind. You may not hit all of them in any one ad, but make sure you have one or more included.

Basic and simple ad tips

1. Subscribe to the ezines you are interested in advertising in. This gives you a chance to see what other advertisers are doing, get a feel for the ezine and will give you the opportunity for discounts on price if you are already a subscriber.
2. Find out if they have an archive of back issues. This will let you know if they've promoted SFI or whatever program you are interested in advertising, in the past. If they have, you might want to stay away, unless it was far enough in the past that they will have built up a larger subscriber base. If they don't have an archive you could always just ask the editor if SFI or whatever you are going to advertise has been in their publication before.
3. Look at the overall content and format. Is their content original, and do they write it themselves? Is it neat or sloppy? Do they pay attention to detail? All of these things will affect how others are reading it as well.
4. Ad cost vs. Subscription Size. Make sure that you shop around - just because it's more expensive, doesn't mean that you'll get better responses.
5. How many ads are in each issue? If the ezine uses too many ads then your ad will just be lost in the crowd. People will either skip over it, or not even see it. This is why it is important to either get Top Spot or a Solo ad.
6. Use Key Codes. As I said yesterday with Free classifieds, tracking your ads will provide you invaluable marketing information. If you don't do this you are just shooting in the dark.
7. Keep in contact with the publisher of the ezine. You need to be asking them questions like: When is the next sponsor slot available? Can I get a discount on multiple ads? How many lines or characters can the ad be? (You don't want to have them chop your ad up if you submit the wrong size)
8. Spell check - I really shouldn't have to tell you this, it's so simple. However, you wouldn't believe the number of typos and spelling errors I see, and the publishers usually aren't going to correct them for you either. Write your ad using MS Word or just a simple notepad, then proofread it. Have someone else look it over if available. Run your ad through a spell checker if you can. Plus I also suggest you find out in advance how long each line of text in your ad can be. Most ezine publishers want lines that are 65 characters. How big is this? Well try something like putting a line like this at the top of your ad when you are writing it, and then hit return at the end of each line.
123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 12345
Now you know that this line is exactly 55 characters long, right?
9. Double-check your URLS - always make sure that you include the http:// in front of your web address. In some email programs if you just put www.yourdomain.com it won't be "clickable" and people won't be able to respond to your ad easily. If you make people have to copy and paste your email address into their mail program they won't do it. They will move on. If your Gateway URL isn't working because you didn't put the full address in, people will move on rather than figure out how to make it work.
10. Email Addresses - If you have a choice between using an email address with an auto-responder, and a URL, I suggest going with the email address / auto-responder combo. This gives you the opportunity to get your offer in front of your customer multiple times (this course was created once by me, and is being distributed automatically to thousands of people thereafter. I just have to update it periodically). For those of you that aren't familiar with auto-responders, we'll be getting to those later.
11. Write your own ads - If you think you've got what it takes to write an ad I suggest you do it, and get it approved. This will set your ad aside from the rest. How many of you that just joined, or have been in SFI for a while, can look at a list of ads and automatically tell which ones are for SFI? See what I mean? Write your own ads if you have the skill and the desire (but get them approved)
12. Use your own URL - same thing here. If your URL looks just like everyone else's (ie. quickinfo247 or ezinfocenter) then people will recognize it instantly, and will likely not bother. Great Domainia - http://www.greatdomainia.com - sells domain names, and you can earn SVP this way too.
13. Don't Sell in the Ad - Some of you may think that is counter-productive, but really the purpose of a headline or ad is not to sell, but to get the buyer's attention. Get them to come to your website where you can fully explain your product or service. Just give them the benefits, ie. "What's in it for me?" - their reason to click through.
If you follow these simple rules, do your homework, read, read, read and then read some more, track your results, and visit the dboard you'll be able to watch your ad responses and income rise.
It is more important to know where you are going
than to get there quickly. (Mabel Newcomber)


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