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The only way to learn how to work this business

Maybe placing free classified ads is not the quickest method of generating a large number of affiliates and sales, but it's certainly my preferred topic! Here’s why:
Not only can you get your affiliates for free, but even more importantly in my humble opinion, it's the ONLY way to learn how to work this business. Slowly and patiently, without getting anxious over your "investments’" results, you will feel free to spend time surfing and observing what other people are doing too. What ads seem more catchy, how some titles and descriptions are overused, which ones look professional and which not – use your common sense. As I said before, if you get acquainted with the SFI materials and articles, you will start being more and more creative as time goes by. You will develop a good online taste, that is.
No, you don't have to re-invent the wheel, as Gery says! See, I'm continuously copying his words that I've gathered here and there in his newsletters. Could I do (or write) BETTER than Gery Carson does?? Of course not! He's a professional Marketer and I don't even know the language perfectly. But I READ what he writes! I collect bits and pieces and that's how my ads are "created".
Yeah, yeah, it's with bits and pieces that my first website was created (this used to be the home page). Sorry, I should have said "copied"! Haven’t I mentioned my complete ignorance in those times? Only knew how to type on a typewriter?? Well, that's only an SFI template that I downloaded in my 4th month at the resource center and made some minor changes. Check for yourself in the SFI resources, if you like, although I guess it's too early for you to be thinking about websites and downloads.
Furthermore it won’t be useful to you at this stage. I only scratch the surface on the subject because I want you to know that if you INSIST on your education, you will be able to move onwards and upwards. Only after 2 years were gone, sufficient knowledge acquired, and a few ideas of my own developed, that I could say with confidence the time to start building a true website had arrived. And I built with PAIN my nutrition website.
I know some of you may be thinking: "Marca, you're not saying the whole truth. Sure you knew SOMETHING about websites!"
Ha! I swear I knew NOTHING in my starting steps! I learned the first html basics early 2003 (hyper text markup language - the "language" used to upload text, images and links on the net).
That's the beauty of SFI. By downloading the SFI template I got my feet wet for the FIRST time. By copying and following the instructions, I slowly learned more.
There I am out of the subject again.


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21 - Do SFIers need a private website?
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24 - Motivational triggers that make people buy.
25 - You cannot add a banner to your gateway.
26 - Get a banner on a website.
27 - How to post impressions of a banner.
28 - What are PPC search engines and how do they stack up against the paid search engines?
29 - Types of paid placements.
30 - Select good PPC, pick good keywords.
31 - How to bid.
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